Winter sports in Austria

Winter sports in Austria

Fancy to do some winter sports? So, do you love to do some fancy skiing and yet you don’t want to be in the middle of all the hustle-bustle with people going gaga over the snow and skating stuff? Then the one stop destination that you are searching for is Austria! Austria is the country that is famous for these winter sports, standing next to the ever beautiful heaven for winter sports, Switzerland. Though it is not very populated with people, the facilities for winter sports in Austria are second next to Switzerland and France, which by itself is an astounding fact to know. This place is also known for the cheap beer that it provides.


Over time, the sporting facilities have increased and now it has become a booming market in the country. It is said that the country make over a billion euros every year just through this, which not only helps the economy to grow but it also helps the GDP of the country to grow up as well due to the wealth that is attained by the citizens in the nearby areas as well. Formerly farming towns were grazed and converted into these wonderful ski resorts over time and the fact that these were done in the small time gap of 10 years is an astounding thing to hear as such. However, these towns haven’t lost their charm of being an Austrian old town and it stills throws light into the way Austrians originally live.


Another interesting point to note here is that in spite of have warm winters, the skiing industry hasn’t gone down due to the heavy investment that the companies have made on artificial now generating machines. Facilities such as this have made sure that even in the most adverse conditions, wherein the snow cover is very less, they can come up with facilities that can run the industry for an entire season and that too without incurring much of a loss. Due to the facilities that have been maintained over the past few years, the cost of the ski passes have gone up considerably over time, but it is true to say that its work the buck to visit these skiing resorts.


The ski resorts that are present near the Italian frontier is open year round though the recommended time to visit these ski resorts is the end of December to the end of March. However, the middle period between these two periods, that is mid-January is the best time to catch up with the best skiing actions. Skiers are advised to keep away from the Christmas and the New Year holiday season as it is supposed to be filled with people and the slopes are too congested to be enjoyed to the maximum. However, towards the end of January, it is safe to assume that it is a good period to enjoy the snow and the coldness of the Austrian Mountains. It is an advice given to the tourists to avoid February as it is the time when the schools and the universities closes for vacation and the slopes are crowded again.

Packaged holiday tours are always the best option available to travellers as they arrange almost everything that the traveller will require. Starting from the hotel needed for accommodation to arranging for the equipment required for skiing, everything is provided by the holiday providers and the travellers need not go in search for the required materials, which reduces the time and cost of travel. It is also a known fact that higher the elevation of the hotel, the more it is going to cost. However, with travel agents, this can be ignored as they pre-book the hotel rooms that you will need.

It is always better if you go for a smaller ski resort as there is a chance that you will be given more attention there than in other huge establishments. The fast chairlifts provide in of a kind experience and there are also the dreaded T bar Lifts and the Slow Lifts. Your ride in one of these lifts depends upon the money that you offer to pay. Low black slopes are always better for the beginners and it is a general advice that is given to the amateur travellers to avoid high black slopes. At the end of the day, there is always the Apres Ski in the pubs and bars on top of the mountains. The evening get-togethers happen at around 5 pm and then extend till late night after having some traditional Austrian cuisine.


The food on the mountains is often not great and is overpriced most of the times. A high number of large restaurants mass produce the food and is given at an affordable cost, though the food is not of great quality. However, the Hotel food is normally good and you can always find a Hotel that serves tasty Pizzas or Kebabs, which are mostly Italian by nature. So, if you want to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in the Austrian mountains, and that too on an affordable rate, then Austria is the best place to have such luxuries.

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