Wine Tourism of Nashik: Sula Vineyards and Resorts

Wine Tourism of Nashik: Sula Vineyards and Resorts

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Class, sophistication and art are the three words defining the elegance of wine. Bliss of wine for all the wine lovers, Sula vineyards is the perfect place for leisure wine vacation. Industry pioneer, Sula vineyards is known as the biggest wine maker in India and is awarded for the same in recent times. Sula vineyard located in Nashik, Maharashtra is also India’s most popular and well accessed winery.

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Winery is open for all visitors to explore the fantabulous view of grape yards at the timings between 11.30 am to 5.30 pm with a particular charge of around Rs.150.  The package of the winery tour permits the visitors to check the processing rooms and later the tasting rooms, letting them taste six premium quality wines produced in the Sula vineyard. Tasting room is the main and significant attraction of the Sula vineyards which is spread over a total area of 2000 sq.ft. With the chance of tasting the premium quality wines, tasting room is also famous for it’s balcony which showcases the panaromic view of the vineyards with a beautiful serene bounded with good ambience. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful lush greenery accompanied with the hills and serene lakes while touring around the winery.

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The place has so many things to do that one day is just not enough to explore the place. There is a resort along with the vineyards for a pleasant stay with so many activities to do around. Beyond Sula is the resort located in the Sula vineyard comprising of around 32 rooms is a perfect treat of peace and quality far from city’s hustle and bustle. It makes a perfect leisure trip to chill out with the perfect view of the serene lakes and the green hills along with the vineyards around. Resorts offers exquisite range of rooms with a private verandah or a balcony with a leisure comfort sitting along with the beautiful view of the land, green hills and the serene lake making it a perfect harmony of quality time with the loved ones. There are wide roads along the resorts just for bicycling and biking. Adding to the quality is the cool breeze of Nashik which penetrates the skin and refreshes the skin deep within, with a sip of wine which with every sip going down the throat relaxes the nerves and the mind instantly along with the great food available in the resort. The resort features facilities like café rose, restaurants with the a la carte dishes in which the ingredients used are from the their own organic farms. White room is a conference room and mind and body refreshing infinity pool. A gymnasium for the health freaks with a beautiful view. Vina spa is for the perfect relaxation of body with the aromatic oil massages and with a Jacuzzi and other relaxing treatments to pamper your mind, body and soul. Red room is a room specially for kids and youngsters consisting of all games like tennis, carom etc. resort also has two restaurants named little Italy and soma with all dining options and mouth-watering foods. There is an amphitheatre for organizing the events in the vineyards.sula resort  collection of sula wines

The other main attraction of the Sula vineyards is the Sulafest, which is the annual music festival held in the harvesting months of January. Sulafest attracts lots of people and tourist all over the country as it has become one of the popular and happening sensation and a music event amongst the youngsters. Sulafest is a two day musical event held in the vineyards of Sula. Around 8000 people are attracted during the sulafest and for the sulafest. During the sulafest, the visitors are accessed to great music carnival along with the winery tour, grape stomping and wine tasting sessions. Grape stamping becomes the reason of real fun and spirit in the fest. It brings smiles, fun and life in the fest. It’s one of the different type of activity altogether. With the electrifying atmosphere in the sulafest with good music and food, there are other activities like foot massaging, tattooing etc. Sulafest is flooded with super exciting activities all around for the two days fest. Its not only a treat for wine lovers but also for the music lovers. There are various performers who engages people’s mind with the music and performance like rock songs, electronic guitars, folks, blues and reggae music. The memories and experience one gets in the two days fest is incredible and for life long.

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The founder and the CEO of the sula vineyards, Rajeev Samant established  a reputation of India’s Leading Premium Wine Producer and was the first one to introduce varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel and Riesling to India and the award winning wines of the Indian winery, sula vineyards are available in all the good well known hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Sula vineyard is located in the west of Nashik, which is 180km from Mumbai and and around 210km from Pune. Nashik is easily accessed by cars, bus and trains. From Nashik any cars or buses can lead to sula vineyards and it is 1.5 km from gangapur savargaon road.


Sula vineyards and the sulafest is the best get way to nature and wine exploration which any wine lovers should go for!

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