Visit the Foxconn city: Shenzhen, China

Visit the Foxconn city: Shenzhen, China


There was a time when Shenzhen was nothing but just a fishing village with a population of thirty thousand. Now, when you arrive at Shenzhen, which is just across the border from Hong Kong, you will see a metropolis twice the size of Milan, record breaking skyscrapers, beautifully scenic capsule elevators and much more. Shenzhen is located in Southern China and can be easily accessed from the border of Hong Kong. It has six districts and the city centre is in Futian District. It has been quite a popular destination for business travelers and Chinese tourists because of city’s great attractions. Shenzhen was selected as the most livable city in China in a report released at the 2007 China City Forum in Beijing. Shenzhen was also named as third most beautiful city in China, after Beijing and Hong Kong, in a study by Institute for Urban Competitiveness.


You can visit Shenzhen at any time of the year as it has a subtropical climate with long hot and humid summer from April to September. However some travelers enjoy this weather greatly, while some may find it comfortable in spending holidays here in a cooler climate.

How to get here?


Shenzhen can be reached easily from the Hong Kong International Airport. You can fly directly to the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport also. There are many countries; from where people don’t need visa to enter Hong Kong but to get to Shenzhen you are going to need a Chinese visa for sure. You can take a connecting ferry, bus or limousine service from the airport to Shenzhen.

Accommodation and food


Shenzhen has quite a range of star rated accommodation along with hotels and resorts that can be booked directly, online or through travel agents. In Five star hotels, most famous is Sunshine Hotel in Luohu District, which has almost 378 guest rooms with internet facilities, bathrooms, international long distance phone, 24 hour room services, mini bars, mini spa and delicious food. You can choose between Zense Hotel, Shenzhen Perthden or Shanshui Trends hotel for 4 stars. There is famous Melbourne’s Home hostel, if u need a cheap but family style hostel service. There are Hi Inn Luohu Port and Ideal Inn which offer excellent services with superior facilities.


If you are a food freak who loves to try new dishes all the time then all Chinese regional dishes can be easily found here. You can easily find Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Western food also as there are thousands of snack bars, eateries, stalls and restaurants in Shenzhen. You would like to try the Nan’ao Abalone which is nutritious, tender and crisp and off course, the Shajing Fresh Oyster which is the most famous specialty in Shenzhen. If you want to try the seafood, then go to the Leyuan Road seafood street of the seaside seafood street at Yantian District. The hottest night market at Luohu District is Xiangxi Village Food Street. The delicious food and authentic cuisines from all regions in China are collected at his street.

The Attractions

Window of the World

window on the world

Shenzhen Window of the World is located in Guangdong Province and covers an area of thousands of square metres. It is a fantastic replica park with vivid replicas of world’s wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites. It carries forward the theme of world culture, setting the world famous landscape, folk customs and dances in the park. It is worth a visit.

Mission Golf Hills Club


Mission Hills is China’s highest rated golf and leisure resort. It is also the world’s largest golf club according to the Guinness World Records. It covers 20 square kilometer of complex featuring twelve 18-hole resorts and championship courses designed by golf’s greatest legends and architects. It hosts many tournaments including World cup of Golf and the Asian Amateur Championship.

Happy Valley Theme Park

 happy valley

Happy Valley is one of the best sightseeing, entertainment and visitor participation spot in Shenzhen. It is a theme park occupying an area of 350,000 square kilometers. The park contains nine major subject areas including Spanish Square, Magic castle, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Wood, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Happy Time and Maya Water Park. It is hell of a fun.

Soviet Aircraft Carrier Minsk


Soviet Aircraft Carrier is a theme park situated on the shore of Sha Tau Kok. It is quite unique as it is one of only two theme parks in the world to be based on a real aircraft carrier, the other being in Tianjin. It covers an area of 30,000 square metres. The well known Soviet MiG-23 aircraft fighter and Mi-24 military helicopters are on display on the first deck, while on the second deck, the crew’s living area has been rebuilt to give visitors a glimpse of the conditions of naval life.

Wutong Mountain


Wutong Mountain is the highest mountain in Shenzhen, standing on the mountainside of Brave man Slope, with its peak at 944 metres above sea level. It has become the first choice of local hike because it is located close to the Shenzhen downtown area. After reaching the top you will find yourself surrounded with the unrestrained and far ranging scenes and green mountain ranges.

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir


The Tai Lam Chung Reservoir is located in the Tai Lam Country Park. IT is the first reservoir built in Hong Kong after the Second World War. You can go out there and check out some really catchy green views.


While all of your friends are off joining the crowds in Guilin and Beijing, you need only to hop across the Hong Kong border to experience one of China’s most interesting and underrated cities.

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