Vine tasting in Australia

Vine tasting in Australia

Travelling to the beautiful island nation of Australia? Are you planning to visit the beautiful beaches and the coral reefs as well? Oh, are you even planning a trip to the National parks in Australia? Well, let me tell you that you are missing out on something very valuable! I would tell even like to mention that it would be a sin if you miss the tasting tours that are arranged as a part of the tours, even by the government of Australia. So, with a total of more than 60 vine or vine (as it is called) regions, which are declared official by the government of Australia as well. Some of the famous vine yards that are considered to be the best in Australia are the Hunter Valley Vineries, Barossa Valley vineries, McLaren Vale Vineries, Etc.

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So, considering your visit to Australia, details about some of the best vineyards have been provided below.

The Vineyards in Calre Valley, in the region of South Australia is one of the oldest in the world. One of the most important conditions that is essential to have a good produce of vine is climate. The Mediterranean type climate that is available in the southern part of Australia provides the best possible environment to produce some of the best vine in the world. The grapes that are produced in this part of the country are Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot grapes to name a few. This valley doesn’t have not only a single vineyard but an astonishing 40 vineries. A short walk in the region may get you close to some of the oldest vinery and it gives you the pleasure of having one of the oldest and the best vine in the world.


Another region that is of prime importance to the western vineyards is the Swan Valley in the Western part of Australia. The boutique vinery is the state of the art and provides the best in class vine to the people. The important feature about the Swan Valley vinery is that the vine can be handpicked from the boutique. Not only this, the entire region is a treat to the travellers as the roadside stalls, the relaxed restaurants and the breweries provide the best in class facilities for the travellers. Often, the tourists who visit this part of the country make it as a picnic, rather than just a casual visit to the Valley.


The Margaret River, which is a part of the same part of Western Australia as well, is rather heard of more than the Swan Valley, just for the fact that this part is famous for the restaurants, which are famous around the globe. Some of the more famous award winning restaurants are found in this region and having to be located next to the ocean is an advantage as these restaurants some of the best mouth-watering delicacies in the world, that too right out of the water. Some of the roadside shops even sell the homemade chocolates and also the fudges which are delightful to taste and have. Apart from vine tasting, the tourists can even indulge in some diving, fishing and other adventure sports such as surfing.

AUSTRALIA Margaret River Vineyards

Moving on to the southern part of Australia, the Mclaren Vale forms the capital of South Australian Vineyards. Grape vine was initially brewed in the Southern part of Australia in these vineyards. With more than 65 vineries, this place has the largest population of vineyards down south. The beautiful vineyard and restaurant form some of the best picturesque places to have fun and frolic with your family. The tourists can also indulge in the long horse ride along the train tracks till the town of Willunga. The farmers here sell some of the best fresh cheese and other dairy products as well.

The peninsular region of Mornington, located in Victoria, boasts about 200 vineyards in total, is an astounding figure as such. If you love fruits and berries, then the best place to buy these stuff is the roadside market in the peninsular region of Mornington. The mouth-watering taste of the vine, combined with the relaxing massage and spa facilities is the best of its kind. Some of the other places to visit are the sculpted hedge mazes and the old rose gardens, both these structures provide a visual treat to the human eyes.

Among the vast expanse of the grasslands, there lies the Barossa Valley which is famous for its golfing facilities and not to forget, the vineyards. Though other vineyards are renowned for its old vine, the one thing that sets apart this vineyard from the rest of the vineyards is the fresh stock of vine that these vineyards produce every year. These are some of the most famous vines and they have a lot of reputation for a fresh vine, that too all around the world. The vine tasting is called vine expedition and it is mostly done by the travellers in a bicycle, who travel through the region in search of the best quality vine. Some of the vineyards even provide the best in class air balloon rides and helicopter rides that provide a wonderful view of the aligned vineyards from the skies above.


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