The Unique Town of Alberobello : Italy

The Unique Town of Alberobello : Italy

Appointed as a World Heritage site by the United Nations (UNESCO), the tiny town of Alberobello is truly a unique vision for tourists. The one thousand and five hundred typical 14th century round Trulli huts still stnading in this modern day and age are simply breath taking. The Trulli zone is like a picture straight from a fairy tale book. These round white huts with their conical and identical roofs is what attracts so many tourists to this part of Italy. Though some of these huts are now used as various types of stores, places for lodging and as restaurants, a large number of them are still inhabited by the lovely and friendly Italian locals.

How to reach

How to reach Alberobello

Alberobello is located in the province of Bari which happens to be a part of the Apulia region of Italy. This region is often referred to as the “Heel of Italy” because it occupies the heel region of this boot-shaped country. Located on the east coast, Alberobello receives lesser tourist traffic than the west coast which seems to always be bustling with millions of tourists. This means that the town isn’t flooded with tourists and one can travel comfortably to and from the town. The Central Station at Bari is the easiest way to reach Alberobello, however the town is also just an hours’ drive away from the airport at Bari as well as the airport at Brindisi.

Once you are inside the town, all the major tourist attractions are within walking distance from one another which makes it very convenient for tourists to travel and enjoy the nice Italian sun. You can also take a short ride over the neighbouring towns to see exquisite architecture and enjoy what they have to offer.

Things to do


Once you are in the town there are two magnificent Trulli sections that you really must visit. Walk around for the day and enjoy the scenic beauty of the white huts and visit the quaint souvenir shops that sell some really interesting models of the huts. Be adventurous and explore the town, you might just come across something wonderful!


Walking around in the town you may come across a majestic and elegant structure which is the famous Basilica of Alberobello. It is known to the locals as the ‘Parrocchia Santuario Basilica S.S. Cosma E Damiano.’ With its splendid architecture and ancient aura, it is a must see for all tourists at Alberobello. The Trullo Church of St. Anthony should also be visited for its wonderful architecture. These two religious constructions of Alberobello are quite charming and one can spend a nice relaxing day here. With family or with friends, these destinations are ideal for a nice relaxing day.


The Trullo Sovrano which dates back to the 18th century today has transformed into a lovely museum which showcases the beauty and lifestyle of the ancient agricultural life of the Apulian people who inhabited this very region. The Trullo Sovrano is a true Trulli hut with its original furniture and authentic implements. The Trullo Sovrano is also the largest, and the only two storeyed Trulli hut in the town of Alberobello . This lovely property is equipped with a glorious garden and a small souvenir shop within. The Cantina Albea winery and museum is a privately owned museum and is also an excellent place to visit for wine lovers. This Winery and Museum boasts some of the finest wines in the country at very reasonable rates!


In summer this lovely town of Arbelobello comes alive with its numerous music and dance festivals. So if you are lodging in here during summer you should most definitely not miss this golden opportunity. There are many music festivals happening all through summer. These festivals showcase brilliant artistes in the genres of classical, jazz and popular music. Other festivals include dance, theatre, street theatre and children’s events. Often many religious festivals are also held during the summer. These festivals present the audience with stunning performances and fireworks displays. Most of the performances at these festivals are free of charge and are held in open air so that you can truly enjoy the lovely Italian summer.


Cuisine of Alberobello

Italian Cuisine is known all over the world for its delicious and unique taste. Alberobello however, offers some very special delicacies of its own. The traditional Apulian food is available at most of the good and reputed restaurants at Alberobello. Some really wonderful restaurants here are La Cantina, Ristorante Fidelio, Casa Nova il Ristorante, Trullo dei Sapori, and Tipicament. There are many other equally good restaurants to choose from in Alberbello and you won’t be disappointed by the great variety and scrumptiousness of the food. Trying out the various adventurous traditional meals is what adds to the whole experience of Alberobello and one must try this delectable food at least once during their stay.



Though Alberobello is a little town in Italy, the tourism industry has seen an increase in the number of Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in the town. Many hotels in varying price ranges are available for tourists. Some of the most famous and reputed hotels at Alberobello are Grand Hotel Olimpo, Hotel Astoria, Mariemonti  and Trullidea.

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