Strong Beach- Muscle Beach, California

Strong Beach- Muscle Beach, California

Are you a kind of a person who thinks that beaches are boring and has got no life in it? Well, then think again! The Muscle beach in California, also called the “Venice of America”, is the place to be if you are a kind of person who likes to have fun mixed with frolic! The town was originally developed by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a resort town on the beachfront. The shady sun and the beautiful beach which extends to almost three miles is a perfect blend to people who love to travel and like to explore new places. Ultimately, Abbot Kinney’s dream of creating a beachfront town was a huge success and now, Muscle Beach is referred to as the “Coney Island of the Pacific”. The town is fully developed with a pier which is dedicated to provide amusement and also a beautiful miniature railroad in which the rails run on steam as well. What was once a vision of a man is now one of the most important cultural centres’ in Los Angeles.


The town is known for its boardwalk. The concrete boardwalk is divided into the east side and the west side. In case you are walking through the west side of the boardwalk, then don’t be surprised to have a chat with the freaky looking fortune-tellers, gentlemen who talk about conspiracy theories and also the immensely talented performance artists. On the west side is the wide array of residences, the beautiful looking restaurants, and also the souvenir shops as well. Well, if you have decided to take a walk on the concrete boardwalk, then don’t be surprised if you are asked for a tip because everyone who is asking for a tip is basically trying to make a quick buck!


The walk is always interesting in Muscle beach. The performance artists are extremely talented and you might always catch up with the guy who paints himself in gold from head to toe and does some fancy robot steps as well. There is even the guy who “walks on glass” and also the juggler who juggles chainsaws! Well, if your visit to the place is well timed, then you might be one of the lucky ones to catch up with the local escape artists.

Once you are done with the fun-filled walk in the boardwalk, enter one of the piercing, tattooing or t-shirt vendors stall and get yourself some fancy Californian stuff.

And if you are a kind of person who likes to have some adventure, then take some time out and enjoy some of the adventurous sports such as surfing or swimming in the sea. And, if you are good at playing some other sports such as basketball or handball, then California is the place to be as people there are enthusiastic about their sport and there will always be someone to have as company and play with. Oh oh! Never be disheartened if you are not exactly the kind of person who plays the sport. People play the sports year round and visitors can always grab a seat to catch up with all the action.


The Gold’s Gym is a star attraction in muscle beach. People from all around the world come to this beach to show off their rusty muscular well-built bodies. The Venice beach got its name Muscle beach from this activity that it has got. It was here that Arnold Schwarzenegger had worked out way then. As a matter of fact, the Gold’s Gym is considered to be one of the most important sporting venues in America. It is also a fact to be noted that it has been ranked No. 39 on the ESPN’s list of top sporting venues in America.

Other activity that dominates the beachfront is skateboarding. The Venice Beach Skatepark was opened in the year 2009 at an expenditure of over 2 million dollars. The Skatepark is located near the Ocean Front Walk and Windward. This facility is spread over an area of about 16,000-square-foot and has excellent concrete made skateboard facility to improve street skating. It was here in the 1970’s that the Z-boys skateboarded and revolutionized skateboarding. A point to be mentioned here is that the park is open to everyone and it is free of cost as well. The only thing that the skateboarded has to bring is the skateboard and safety equipment.


The outdoor weightlifting area is a star attraction in the Muscle Beach at Venice. If you are looking at a giant concrete barbell at the top of a roof, then you are looking at the outdoor weightlifting area. This place is referred to as the mecca for people who do regular workouts. It is because of these workout facilities and the presence of world famous gyms such as the Gold’s Gym and other fitness facilities that the Venice beach is often referred to as the “Muscle Beach”. The Abbot Kinney Boulevard is also a very important shopping destination and it is one of the most famous spots to do some shopping and dine with your loved ones during the sunset. Looking at such wonderful prospects of fun, frolic and adventure, the question that comes to my mind is-“So, where are you heading this summer?”


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