Street Food Of India

Street Food Of India

India… a secular land of varied states, a beautiful blend of colours, race, cast and creed, a country which is famously known for the beauty of its originality, and for the beauty of it simplicity. This magnificent country, not only promises a unity of culture, with this blend, comes the varied beliefs of her people, their varied tastes and of course their varied cuisines. So, for every food lover, you are welcome to try what every state of India humbly offers, the street food of India.


A question arises as to what is the street food of India? Well, when it comes to answering that question, it is simply impossible to pick a choice. India is a big country that is rich in all kinds of street food. Each region has its own specialties. There are street foods sold by hawkers peddling their goods on bicycles or carts. And then, there are shops on the streets which sell the most delectable local delicacies. So, wherever in the country you may be, be sure to succumb to this simple, food fashion. The rate card will definitely bring an additional smile to the customer’s face.


Let’s start with the different regions of the country and what they have to put forward. Firstly, let’s capture the land of the Marathas, Maharashtra. There are many street offerings in the state of Maharashtra. Here are some of them. What is the Indian version for a burger?  It is the Vada pav. Vada pav originated in Mumbai. The most loved and almost a staple food for many of Maharashtra’s residents, Vada pav is a simple offering with bread and a vada of potato filling. The delicious snack is best enjoyed with spicy masala and green chutney. In Mumbai, lip-smacking Vada pavs can be found near colleges, in restaurants, and even in the stalls of the beaches. Other popular offering in Mumbai are, Pav bhaji and Missal pav. Pune’s street food culture includes, Vada pav, Sabudana vada, Pani puri, Ragda pav, Dabeli, Sev puri, and Dahi puri.


Next is the capital of India, New Delhi. The capital has numerous varieties of street food. The food is highly influenced by its neighbors, Punjab and Haryana. Moreover, Mughlai cuisine is also a central part of the street food served in Delhi. Street foods are generally sold in streets, public areas like the market or even fairs. They are ready to eat or drink. The best food Delhi has to present is Chole Bhature. It is a popular North Indian dish. Also other mouth watering dishes like rajma chawal, and parantha are served. Dahi bhalla and Chaats are other well-liked food varieties found in Delhi. Chandni Chawk is frequently visited to get a feel of the local flavor of Delhi and its scrumptious street food. The Chaats of Delhi are so delectable that people all across the country call caterers from Delhi for the Chaat stalls at weddings and parties.

If you want to eat the food fit for the royalty, don’t forget to visit savour the street food of Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a land rich in culture, a land rich in its food, has plenty to offer to food lovers. It has all the street food from spicy and flavorsome Kachoris, Pakodas, to Dal churma and Mawa. The land of the nawabs, Lucknow, also has its favorite street food to offer, namely the Aloo tikki. Galauti kebab is another offering, a dish one of its kind, which is considered the royal cuisine of the Lucknowis.


When visiting Kolkata, don’t forget to try the Pani puri or what the locals famously call it, Gol gappe. Another popular street variety is the egg rolls. Wrapped inside a parantha, fried egg is served with chutney and sauces. Also, how can one overlook Gujarat, and the incredible Dabelis of Ahemdabad! A spicy snack made by boiled potatoes and dabeli spice put inside a pav, it is found in almost every street and shop.

Regional Indian food

Lastly, when it comes to the south, the Akki roti of Banglore is a delicious street offering. Spicy bread made from rice flour and served with coconut chutney, it is the most savored dish of the region. Other popular dishes are Dosa and Rasam. These also quite make the tiffins of any residents of the region.

The major concern is of public health as regards to consuming street food. People form a prejudice that eating street food may cause them some health disorder. But fortunately, it is not the case any more in India. Hygiene is considered a primary control point and is maintained in majority of the street shops and stalls. There is increasing hygiene, cleanliness, and freshness maintained so as to encourage people to eat street food. Mineral water is used for Pani puris. Gloves are worn by the vendors and hawkers while servicing the customers. Therefore, enjoy the street food, but consume it at a limit.

Rich, poor, health conscious or not, just everyone in India is proud of the local street delicacy their region offers. Miss the grand hotels if you have to, but do not miss out on the simple reality of Indian food, the tasty yet affordable street option of India.

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