The Scenic Beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil

The Scenic Beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil

Located in the shores of the beautiful country of Brazil, Florianopolis is the second largest city in the Brazilian part of Santa Catarina. The beautiful beaches and the lovely drive in the sea drive of the city are just amazing and thousands of travellers from around the world travel to this place just for the sheer beauty that this place p[possesses. Consisting of a number of smaller islands, the main part of the city is the island of Santa Catarina. The island is mainly continental in looks and has an average population of about 5 Lakh people. Though the population is meagre when compare to other major cities across the world, the city of Florianopolis is the second most populous city in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. With the highest human development index score, this city is one of the cities with the highest quality of living. The economy of this state is mainly dependant on tourism and information technology.


Such is the country of Brazil that the coastline in Brazil is always buzzing with activity such as surfing and sailing. The New York Times also voted Florianopolis as the Party Destination of the Year 2009. To add more to the cities’ name and fame, this city was also voted one among the ten most dynamic cities in the world. This city has also attained the cult status of being the best place to live in the whole of Brazil. Tens of thousands of visitors from all over Argentina, Europe and America visit the city of Florianopolis every year.

The southern part of the island is inhabited when compared to the other parts of the island. Though there are no major industries in this region, there are a lot of other main attractions such as fishing and other activities which are also the main sources of income to the people here. To start off with the features of this city, one of the primary aspects that one would look into ius the food and music. Brazil is a city is well known for its cultural heritage and thus it is reflected on the food as well. The tradition with which the food is prepared in any part of the city is quite astounding by itself.

This island is connected with the help of three bridges and the Hercilio Luz Bridge is the oldest of them all at an age of more than 70. The other two bridges are the Pedro Ivo Bridge and the Colombo Sales Bridge and the oldest bridge is closed to traffic whereas these two bridges are the ones that are open to the traffic. One of the most important reasons as to why tourists’’ visit this city is the hot massage and immersion baths that the place is famous for.


The world tours that happen for surfing are known as the ASP World Tours and this city, which is well known for its surfing community is one of the locations for it. More than 50 competitors from around the world turn up for this event which is judged by some of the best professionals from across the world. As a matter of fact, this city is the only place that hosts a surfing event of this magnitude in the whole of South America. The history of Florianopolis is quite amazing as well and it is shown out in the Museum that is located in the city. Music and Dance are two fields in which the Brazilians are brilliant in. The cultural carnivals that Brazil is famous for is a classic example to this.

Some of the Beaches that are famous in and around the city are Santinho Beach, Joaquina Beach, Campeche Beach, Barra da Lagoa Etc. The hotels that are present in the coastline are a treat to the travellers. The best coastal food available in Brazil is found along this coastline. The locals here advice the people to make sure that they don’t get struck up in the porche hotels and restaurants. The small open air restaurants and food stalls provide the best possible taste, with the right mixture of cultural heritage and love, which add to the taste.


Some of the other activities that are available in the coast are rowing, paragliding, mountain biking and hand gliding to name a few. Small ships with equipment take travellers to the shallow part of the sea and help in deep sea diving. If you are an amateur, it is never a matter of concern as there are a lot of trained professionals who are there to help you out. The coast guards in the beaches have a close eye on all the activities and also alert the people on life saver boats just in case of an emergency. No matter what the situation is, the Brazilian coastguards are the best of the kind and they respond to pin point accuracy in no time at all. This is reflected on the number of accidents that have been prevented in the sea activities over the years. The alertness of the guards and the facilities available in the beach make this place one of the best tourist destinations in the world.


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