Of Richness and Delicacies: Food of Rajasthan

Of Richness and Delicacies: Food of Rajasthan

rajasthani thali

The rich palate of Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan the land of colors and vibrancy is not only famous for its palaces, culture and customs but also for large varieties of delicious and world famous food. Rajasthani food is influenced by both the war like lifestyle of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredient in this region. Rajasthan one of the world famous state of India, makes outstanding name not only for its royal customs and rituals but also because of its heavenly delicious cuisines. The cuisine of Rajasthan is primarily vegetarian and offers a fabulous variety of mouthwatering dishes. The spice content is quite high in comparison to other Indian cuisines, but the food is absolutely scrumptious. Rajasthanis use ghee for cooking most of the dishes. It is said that a trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without experiencing the famous and delicious dishes.

Daal Baati

Dal, baati and churma is most famous dish of Rajasthan. The famous thali of rajasthan with dal, baati, churma is not only famous in india but whole over the world. Baati tough bun of wheat flour or millet flour which is very hard in shape and cooked over hot charcoal and ash and served with dal and loads of ghee (clarified butter). Traditionally this is accompanied by churma which is made of crushed baatis or rotis mixed with jiggery and ghee made of pure ghee.


Dal, baati and churma is not complete the rich and delicious rajasthani thali rather ther are some other famous dishes like  Ker ki sabji ( ker a common grown berry in the desert and sangria (a bean from the state tree, khejri) are used in pickles and dried vegetables dishes and are popular in both urban and rural areas, Khadi is made of yogurt and besan and added flavor given by tej pata (leave), which gives a perfect smell lashun or mirchi ki chutney (Garlic chutney) with dried kachari (wild growing ccumis) and red chilies is a fantastic accompaniment to all of these. Another popular dish Bajre ka Kheechda ( a gruel of crushed millet, served with brown sugar and ghee is a regional delicacy, it is an easy to digest made from rice and lentils. This is a very delicious and a popular dish of india.

In spicy foods rajasthani palate has The traditional tasty curries like Gate ki sabziwhich is made of dumplings of chickpea flour in a thick spice laden gravy and badi ki sabji is quick to make and it is very delicious. It is made by using daals like moong, urad and chawli with large amount of butter pouring. other rajasthani curries like  kicha ki sabji, guwar fali ki sabji, beans and ker sangria ki sabji,  rabori ki sabji, haldi ka saag, kadhi with chhach and pappad. All these together makes the heavenly delicious rajasthani thai complete The rajasthani thali is the most perfect and amazing treat to all guests in the rajasthan to experience and realize the deep and rich taste of rajasthan.

It is also known for its snackes like bikaneri bhujjia, mirchi bada and pyaaj and mogra kachori. Snacks in rajasthan vary from deep fried samosa, pyaz ki kachori and mirchi bada to lighter bhujjia. Every snacks has a distinctive flavor and texture, to suit everyone’s palate.


 Each region of rajasthan has its own special distinguished food item that is identified with the town and city. like jodhpur ki mawa kachori, alwar ka mawa, pushkar ka malpua, Bikaner ka rasogulla and jaipur ka ghevar. Malpauas from pushkar and Rassgollas from Bikaner. If you travel from one part of state to another you will find that every region has something different and unique delicious food items. Some of examples like The cuisines of Jaipur in peculiar is influenced by the lifestyle of the Maharajas and Maharani of Jaipur. Cuisines of Jaipur includes all the Rajasthani food which is cooked only under Desi and pure ghee which specifically describes the richness and dignity of Rajasthan. The one who is still untouched with the cuisines of Jaipur is surely missing out the big thing. Jaipur which famous for mainly its rabdi ka ghevar it is also famous for dal ki kachodi, tinde ki sabji, kadhi,mirchi ki pakaodi and its delicious curries. If you are a Rajasthani thali connoisseur, you must try the one served at Chokhi Dhani, about 22km outside Jaipur.  Dinner begins with garlic chutney, jaggery, and the famed choorma and famous lapsi made of grains. The rotis are made of millet, barley and wheat, and served with ker sangri pickle, gatte ki sabzi, khato (a tangy chickpea flour curry in buttermilk) and many other dishes from the countryside. In jaipur Suvarna mahal at rambagh serves one of the best thali. The appetizer includes vegetable kababs and barbequed lamb.

 Jodhpur is also a popular destination of sweets and spicy savories. Jodhpur has its famous mawa kachori (kachories puffed breads with stuffing those  with mawa) being extraordinarily sweet while others have biting hot green chilies laced with a masala that is also intended to singe the palate. a number of delicacies have originated in jodhpur like makhaniya lassi, mawa and pyaj kachori, hot and spicy mirchibada, lapsi, all these dishes are very delectable and world famous. In proportion of rajasthani culture, every meals in jodhpur starts with sweet ladoos and scandalously delectable dal baati and churma. The meal is topped with giant  amount of ghee thus one can have a meal fit for maharaja. besan ki chaki, mawa kachori and panchkuta are the famous sweets  of jodhpur. Udaipur famous for its street food items like papdi chaat, dahi chaat, vada paav and sev chaat. Alwar city famous for its kalkand (milk cake), kalkand is the most delicious dish made of milkthe demand of this dish all over the world has offered alwar a unique name in the world. The food items that could last for several days made in Bikaner. Bikaner cuisine comprises a nutritious palate of dish such as gatta ki sabji, pakodi, pappad, khata. The cuisine of jaisalmer is very traditional and mirrors the wealthy cultural legacy of the state. One can find a broad selection of delectable jaislmer dishes the taste buds of all age groups. The cuisines made of a lot of red chilies and other spice, a few of the most delicious dishes of jaisalmer are bhanon aloo, kadi pakora and ker sangria.

Sweet Dishes


Rajasthani food is also famous for its delicious and mouth watering sweet dishes which are not referred as dessert in Rajasthan because these can be taken before or after the meal. Famous sweet dishes of rajasthan includes churma, gujja, seero (halwa), Nukhati, imarti, feeni, besan, balushahi, makkhan bada, mawa and kadka.

Some other famous sweet dishes like Kalakand also known as mishri mawa made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese, Besan ki chakki traditional Rajasthan sweet made of gram flour, usually made on big occasions like weddings or on festivals, Moong dal ka halwa is a unique sweet dish of lentils sweeten with milk, ghee and sugar, It is generally made in winters because it is supposed to keep body warm. This dish is not only famous in rajasthan but all over india. Another famous sweet dishes are ajmer ka sohan halwa, Ghevar, it  is a delicious Rajasthan sweet, consists of rounded cakes of wheat flour with pouring of sugar syrup and rabdi. It is famous for its matchless sweetness comes in varieties such as plain, desi gheeand mawa. The demand of ghevar remains high during teej. 

Non vegetarian food

For non vegetarians mohan maans which is cooked in milk, laal maans meat in red chilly curry, safed maans meat cooked in curd, bajri ki raab and khad khargosh wild hear cooked and roasted underground.  Don’t be serious if you find a big bowl of striking red curry. Its call laal maas. Traditionally it prepared post hunting. The gravey is supposed to extremely spicy and delicious. For non vegetarians handi is the best place. It serves tender mutton cooked in traditional pots and smoked with burning charcoal along with wafer thin roomali rotis.



The list of rich and delicious food items of Rajasthan palate has no end. If you are on rajasthan trip and if you tried all these lazzeg dishes you will always ends up licking your fingers. Your tummy will scream “No more !” But you won’t stop !!!. so go for Rajasthan delicious food whenever you have plan to visit Rajasthan.


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