Patience is the Secret, The Royal Hyderabadi Cuisine

Patience is the Secret, The Royal Hyderabadi Cuisine

Hyderabad, the city of the Nizams. The city of Pearls. One of the most happening places in the country booms with one of the best cuisines in the country and in the world. The Hyderabadi cuisine. This has been one of the most heard attractions in the country, ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’.
This cuisine was developed during the rule of Quli Qutb Shah. When, the rulers promoted their methods as well as the native cuisine styles. The Telugu, Turkish, Mughal, Iranian and Marathwada cuisines are important sources of evolution of the famous hyderabadi cuisine. The cuisine extensively comprises of broad combination of wheat, rice and meat along with a masterly of natural herbs, spices and naturally edible items. The people in this believe that the key to good cooking is with patience, ‘itmenaan se’. The main ingredients include, meat, rice with coconut and tamarind adding to the taste.

hyderabadi     the niza,
In the modern day, the Hyderabadi cuisine is spread over the deccan region of India which includes the Telangana, Marathwada and Karnataka-Hyderabad region. This cuisine is known for aroma and skillful use of the spices. The cuisine also has dishes that are largely city specific such as Hyderabad’s Hyderabadi Biryani, Bidar’s Kalyani Biryani, Aurangabad’s Naan Qalia and Gulbarga’s Tahari. The main ingredients that separate these recipes from the North Indian cuisine are the red chillies, coconut and tamarind. Chicken and mutton are among the most loved meats in this cuisine. Apart from the dishes stated above, there are other dishes that have stood the test of time and have been treating many people, Hyderabadi Haleem, Paaya, Qubani ka meetha, Baghara Baingan and Pathar ka Gosht are a few dishes.

Hyderabadi Biryani

biryani    biyan
This is a well known celebration meal of the Hyderabadis. Its a combination of mainly Lamb and rice. The Hyderabadi Biryani is famous all over the country. There are basically two types of biryani, kacchi(Raw meat) and pakki(cooked meat). This dish is also available with chicken and assorted vegetables. There are many varieties of this dish. The Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Zafrani Biryani and Kache Gosht ki Biryani. Paradise, Bawarchi, Hyderabad House and Pista House are one of the famous places in Hyderabad that serve exceptionally delicious biryani. The iconic Hyderabad Biryani is a specialty in the Hotel Paradise. Paradise was so successful that, it has outlets in United Kingdom, United States of America and many other places abroad.

Hyderabadi Haleem

hyderabadi haleeemhaleem

This is one another famous dish of this cuisine, The Hyderabadi Haleem is a stew made of meat and lentils which is  mainly eaten during the holy month of Ramzan. Hyderabadi Haleem is also the Hors d’oeuvre for all the occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. Haleem means patience. It often takes as long as a day to prepare this high calorie dish. The perfect haleem is said to be made over a period of a week. The main ingredient of this dish are, meat ( goat, beef or chicken), wheat, ghee, milk, lentils, ginger and garlic paste, turmeric. There is an intricate use of spices such as cumin seeds, caraway seeds (shah zeera), cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, saffron, jaggery, natural gum, allspice (kabab cheeni) and dry fruits such as pistachio, cashew, fig and almond. It is served hot The toppings used are chopped Boiled egg, coriander, onion, lime and garnish. Two people are generally involved in the preparation of this nutritious dish. One of them has to continuously keep stirring the contents to make sure there is uniformity and the paste-like mixture is formed properly. This serves as the perfect dish for people to break their fast in the evening. This dish is one of the most popular delicacies across the world. During Ramzan, in hyderabad, there are over 70 places that prepare haleem. Most of them are temporary and last only for the month of ramzan. During this month, about 30% of Haleem that is produced in the city is exported to various places across the world. This is also the first non vegetarian dish in India to be awarded with Geographical Indication. For the transport of this tasty dish to various places across the world, a special type of courier service is used.

irani chai paaya karachi
When in hyderabad, you must definitely try the Irani Chai, Rio Samosa, Osmania bicuits and the world famous Karachi Bakery’s fruit biscuits. Irani Chai ( Tea ) is believed to relax you at the end of a busy day’s work. Its famous in the Old City area of Hyderabad. There are many places which are famous for their food items. The Multi-cuisine restaurant Paradise has won many awards for its Biryani. Paaya(Bone soup) is one of the most famous breakfast dishes in the city. The Osmania Tea biscuits are very famous too. They are named after the Nizam king, Mir Osman Ali Khan.


Hyderabad is famous for its people, the hindi and its heritage architectural sites too. The people of this city have always been giving one of the greatest importance in their lives for their food. Food is never just to fill their stomach or nutrients, for a Hyderabadi, food is a passion and one of the best things of the city. The people who are not comfortable with a little spice in their food would miss what is an essentially unique cuisine of this princely estate. Hyderabad has been recognized for the culture, language and food that it maintains over time. For a unique, tasty and an everlasting experiencing, you should enjoy this irresistible cuisine of the erstwhile Nizam Kingdom.

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