For the love of sushi : Koji’s Playa Hermosa

For the love of sushi : Koji’s Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa Beaches

Playa Hermosa is situated in Costa Rica which is a country in Central America. Hermosa means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish is an aptly names grey sand beach that finds its location between two mountains. There are two playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, one is situated in Guanacaste and the other one is situated in the Central Pacific coast near Jaco. This beach lives up to its name as it is the picture perfect tropical beach which is wide and sandy with swaying palm trees and Almendros and swimming is very safe in here as the beach doesn’t have underwater rocks inside it though be little cautious of the rip tides on the northern side of the beach.

As mentioned earlier Playa Hermosa means beautiful and now it can be termed as beautiful beaches and it was named that by the foreigners who moved to the area of Santa Teresa in the past few decades. Playa Hermosa is a beautiful and gorgeous beach located just north to Santa Teresa. It was earlier actually been recognized and known as San Martin but the tourists began to call it ‘the beautiful beach’ because of its pleasing beauty which lead to being its name stuck to that. It is the least developed out of all the four sections of the Malpais and Santa Teresa area of Costa Rica, and according the thinking of many individual it is termed as the best beach. The sand on the beach is not as white as that of Santa Teresa, but the beach seems to be much broader and it is great for boogie boarding which is very interesting. The surfing activity in here is awesome and fantastic too, and it has a right hand point break. There are at least three surf camps at Playa Hermosa. The waves in here can becomes very huge however it goes up to 20 feet and like most of the beaches, when the surf is gigantic it can be proved to be damn dangerous.

Just towards the southern side of Playa Hermosa there is an incredibly huge tide pool in front of Hotel El Rey Patrico which is a famous and favorite spot for the families to take their kids for surfing at low tide and make them learn swimming or snorkel. This largely protected pool also a lot of sea creatures to be witnessed and observed. It is not dangerous and very much safe as well.


On the beach Playa Hermosa there are several options for restaurants and food joints. Visitors and locals usually have tons of choice to feed themselves with variety of cuisines and restaurants and one of the famous restaurant which honors Japanese food culture is known as Koji’s restaurant. The owner of this restaurant Koji Hyodo is very proud of his little famous restaurant which is renowned in this area of Playa Hermosa. it is situated 400 meters south of Hermosa Valley School, Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica .It is also recognized as a sushi shack as it is very familiar and famous for its unique style sushi and Koji Hyodo is known as the sushi master craving yellow fin tuna, red snapper and sea bass at his tin-roofed restaurant names ,Koji’s. This restaurant’s offering is fresh, delicious seafood in an exquisite mouthwatering Japanese style dinner especially sushi. This sushi shack in nearby Playa Hermosa is a twinkling beacon of fresh raw excellence. The atmosphere, ambiance and service are superior to all and of course the reason for it is the food which is served in a higher truth.

restaurant appearance

A visitor can expect excellent quality food with great ambiance as well which is mind refreshing and energizing to serenity. There is a wide range of rich flavorful cuisines and an idyllic platform for family dinners, romantic candlelight dinners with your beloved and various dinner parties for different occasions as it has a great service which is provided and up to date ones. The wait staff is highly efficient ensuring guest’s comforts and take orders accurately and humbly.

 koji's variety of dishes

There are variety of dishes available in here such as the grilled octopus is only barely fired and sprinkled with sea salt. There is a sweet crunch to his lobster sashimi with sliced trace-paper thin and sprinkled with fresh ginger. The tuna rivals even Hawaiian sushi houses. All of this signature roll wraps spicy tuna around fresh shrimp paste and avocado melts and sparks with creative spice. Then the entire roll is drizzled with a secret sauce and dipped in crunch tempura bites. Various other dishes include to it are fresh tuna sushi, Nigori sake, spicy fish rolls. All the ingredients used in the sushi house are totally fresh which are cooked with high quality ingredients and are cooked to perfection.

Kojis-Restaurant lobster

The other specialty of the Koji’s menu card includes meals made of fresh organic vegetables and tropical fruits so as even the vegetarians can have a delightful time for themselves. Koji’s restaurant of Koji Hyodo is a very popular and famous place which is most of the time packed. If there is an urge of tasting the famous sushi without any cluster of people and hassle, it is better considered to be beneficial to make reservations or might have to wait on the bar stools which is not that bad to be at once. The restaurant even has a bar side which serves several types of refreshing juices, exotic cocktails and variety of beers. The dining place opens at 5.30 till 9.30.p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.koji-tuna-tataki

Walking into Koji’s and getting transformed and transported to a magical land of bright lights and wooden tables which are very comfortable in the midst of palm trees and bamboos. The service as mentioned is highly superbly coordinated and responsive. The meals are utterly delicious and creative to its best. On a tropical holiday at Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa a dinner at Koji’s Restaurant is specifically and highly recommended. If there is a  sudden craving for exquisite seed food and especially amazingly delicious sushi then Koji’s is the best place to be visited and would in the end turn out to be addicted to resist.


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