Lobster Rolls, Maine

Lobster Rolls, Maine

So, the lobster is one of the fanciest gourmet items one can choose from. Let us start with the simple question, what is the best way to have a lobster? Are you thinking of a fancy restaurant with the whole hog of a lobster bib, a shell cracker and a pot of butter on the side? Well, in Maine the answer is unanimous, and with good reason. A lobster roll from Maine will please your gastronomic senses like few other things can. The tender meat teased with butter and mayo on toast bread has something nearly divine about it. Thus in case you are traveling to Maine any time sooner or later, you know that you cannot afford to miss the lobster rolls.


What is a Lobster Roll?

A traditional lobster roll is nothing other than a sandwich filled with lobster meat soaked in butter or mayonnaise and served on a steamed hot dog bun so that the opening is on the top rather than on the side.

72 Lobster rolls

According to John Mariani’s The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, the lobster roll as we know made its first appearance in 1929in the menu of a restaurant in New Milford, Conn., called Perry’s. It found favour among the culinary connoisseurs and today the lobster roll is one of the Northeast’s signature culinary creations. Needless to say, the lobster roll comes in a range of varieties. For instance you have the Connecticut style roll, which is basically served warm and soaked in butter. Maine loves its lobster chilled and served with mayo. The possibilities are endless. You can sass up your sandwich with paprika, celery, salt or a dash of lemon juice.


The focus of Maine’s lobster rolls is of course, the lobster. The beautiful succulent taste in your mouth can be achieved only by generous portions of fresh lobster, which is something the Maine Roll stands pride themselves in.

Fun, Sun, Lobster!

A Maine Lobster Roll has some unique characteristics. For instance, first, the roll itself is a “New England” or “Frankfurter” roll that is baked slightly differently than a standard hot dog roll. The sides  are flat and able to be buttered on the outside and lightly grilled or toasted and split on the top.  The lobster meat is usually knuckle, claw, and tail meat chunks. What adds on to the experience is the taste of the briny sea pervading the lobster places. A sunny patio helps. It is true that every person in Maine has their own favourite lobster place, but we take the liberty of drawing up a list of our own.


5. The Clam Shack (Kennebunkport)

The best part about the roll from the Clam Shack is the lobster meat. The wet and juicy meat is so potent that you might end up missing the cuteness of the ambiance and the beauty of the setting. A great over all experience is on offer, to say  the least.

4. Estes Lobster House (South Harpswell)

Come here for the feeling of a vacation within a vacation. The lobster traps up front, the roar of a motorcycle engine and the cries of gulls will transport you to a beautiful place within yourself. The outdoor area boasts a fire pit, and blankets for when it’s cold. You can stare at the vast expanse of the sky and  the blinding-sparkly water. As for the roll, the lobster meat is dressed with a generous dose of mayo for that authentic taste of Maine. The bun is toasted, but not buttery.

3. The Lobster Dock (Boothbay Harbor)

Come here during sunset and the majestic view will blow your mind. Here you can have the roll as you prefer- lightly warmed and buttered or chilled with mayo. The dressing is fabulous and the meat is needless to say breathtaking. The flavour is a treat to your culinary palette.

2. Boothbay Lobster Wharf (Boothbay Harbor)

This place swears by the freshness of the meat they use and with good reason. The lobster and other seafood come in every day. There’s an indoor area with picnic tables and a bar, but the real showstealer is the huge deck for a lobster roll-eating experience that’s about as authentic as it gets.

And the rolls themselves are grand. They are 11-ounce behemoths, with meat that’s left whole instead of chopped up, tossed with a little mayo, and served in a buttered and toasted split-top bun. The lobster eating experience reaches new heights with this place in Maine.

1. Red’s Eats ( Wiscasset )

This is lobster eating perfection, the stuff that legends are made of. They shun dressing and the wet juicy offering of lobster meat is as divine as it gets. Every roll has that delicious just cooked taste about it. Stove warmed butter and mayo is served on the side. If you are in Maine, a lobster roll from Red’s Eats should be your top priority. But be prepared. Dont give up at the huge line that almost always winds up outside the Red’s.


So what happens when the king of gourmet meals is paired off with the rustic beauty of every man’s staple? Have a lobster roll from Maine to find out.


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