Kesar Rabdi Ghevar: Royal Delicacy of Rajasthan RTP

Kesar Rabdi Ghevar: Royal Delicacy of Rajasthan RTP


Ghevar, a traditional royal savory of Rajasthan is like a capital sweet-dish of the state. Ghevar is a popular dessert which has a place in heart of every Rajasthani and can be found at any auspicious occasions like weddings or other celebration and on festivals like savan ki teej. It’s a delicious blend of disc shaped wheat flour cake with a sweet dip in sugar syrup. The popular dish is savored since ancient times for ancient festives like Makar sankranti, Gangaur, Teej and Raksha bandhan. Ghevar is also gifted on many purposes, like to newly married girls on teej and gangaur festival or while greeting any people. Gifting ghevar is known as Sanjara which is a traditional ritual and marks as the beginning of beautiful relation with all the good hopes and a positive start. Ghevars are easily found in the sweet shops, hotels and restaurants or any cafes in the state of Rajasthan. Ghevar is a popular recipe amongst all Rajasthani locals can make easily at their homes.ghevar 2

The taste of ghevar is impacted with the quality with its cooking method. To make a properly cooked delicious ghevar is an art to make. Though the recipe goes with simple ingredients like wheat flour, pure ghee, sugar, dry-fruits of personal choices, cardamom powder and yellow food color, it cannot beat those available in the cities of Rajasthan. To make the delicacy of ghevar, wheat flour is mixed with water and ghee/ butter to make a batter. Yellow food color and cardamom is added to the batter and the mixture is put in the cylindrical mould and is put in heated ghee to fry a little. After repeating the process the round delicacy is made which is known as ghevar. After this procedure ghevar is dipped in sugar syrup and it garnished with soaked saffron/kesar, dryfruits like almonds, pistachios, cashew-nuts etc. and silver varak to enhance the beauty of the delicacy. To add with the variations, adding rabdi to the ghevar is also very popular and it just makes the taste incredible. There are many other variations to the delicacy of ghevar. Rabdi is another sweet traditional delicacy of India, which is made by using full fat milk which is boiled to become thick and condensed added with sugar, cardamom and other dryfruits.process of ghevar making

Tasty flavor of ghevar makes it very popular in the state of Rajasthan and the variations available in it gives the buyers number of options to select from the temptations. The most popular variation of ghevar is kesar rabdi ghevar also known as malai rabdi. After dipping the ghevar in sugar syrup it is topped with rabdi which is known as condensed milk or thickened milk garnished with dry-fruits and kesar. Mava ghevar is also one of the popular variation available in the shops. Apart from these three popular variations, fruit flavored ghevars are also the exclusive variation available at few places. Fruit flavors like mango and orange flavored ghevar has become a must to explore out in the shops. Ghevar garnished with grated paneer( cottage cheese) is also a good variation to try for. Chocolate ghevar has become another must try to explore the variation. Few even offer ghevar soaked in rabdi instead of the rabdi topping. Thus there are number of variations one can go for according to the choices and personal preference.type oF ghevar

Ghevars are rich in fat contents and rich source of calories. If had along with a glass of hot milk, it helps in putting on the weight. But for people who want to lose weight, indulging in ghevar will cost them few more extra kilos and reason to worry. People suffering ailments like diabetes should also not have extra indulgence of the sweet delicacy. But there is a reason to joy as there are solutions for their problems. There are options in ghevar like those shallow fried with less ghee and with the sugar free options available to decrease the fats and calorie count. This becomes the perfect treat for those with overweight and diabetic problems. Still despite of health issues and diabetes problems there is no fall in the demand of Rajasthan’s royal sweet. This shows the spirit and love of Rajasthani’s for their most popular delicacy Ghevar.

Ghevars are in high demand during the time of festivals like Teej, Rakhsha bandhan, Gangaur etc. all the sweet shops are crowded with orders during those days. Though ghevars are originated from the Indian state of Rajasthan, and its famous amongst the Marvadi’s and Rajput of those region, ghevars have also found its place in other states and cities like Agra, Mumbai, delhi etc. the taste and sweetness of this delicacy is thus spreading. The famous shops in Rajasthan selling ghevar are LMB, which is famous for ghevar all over Rajasthan, Jodhpur mishtaan bhandar, rawat mishtaan bhandar in Jaipur, Bikaner sweets and chaat centre again popular in all over Rajasthan. Thus these are the few of the popular shops in Rajasthan. Ghevars are difficult to find in foreign countries, but during festive time if lucky one can find a treat for self.

A trip to Rajasthan is just not complete if one miss outs on the Rajasthani traditional treat of ghevar.




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