Ireland: Wild and Untamed

Ireland: Wild and Untamed

Lets see what we know about this wild side of heaven. There is Irish coffee and the sultry Irish accent and the miles and miles of wilderness.


Ireland, the third largest island of Europe and twentieth largest island on earth, rests in the arms of the Atlantic off the north-western coast of mainland Europe. To its east is Great Britain. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to its south is the Celtic Sea. This promises panoramic beauty in every direction you turn. With lush vegetation, a product of its mild but changeable oceanic climate, this land takes a tone of its own. The place is surrounded by beauty on all flanks.


Irish culture has had a major sway on other cultures, largely in the fields of literature and, to a lesser extent in science and education. Alongside the general Western culture, a strong native culture exists, as articulated for example through Gaelic games, Irish music, and the Irish language. Football, rugby, horse racing ,golf are some of the cultural aspects which overlap with Britain. 

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When to visit ? the answer depends on what type of climate you are looking  for.

The climate is similar to the surrounding regions and is uncomplicated one.  It rains throughout the year but is light generally, predominantly in the east. The west tends to be wetter on average in the late autumn and winter months. These occasionally bring destructive winds and higher total rainfall to these areas, as well as sometimes snow and hail. Inland areas are warmer in summer and colder in winter.


Ireland will offer you tourism beyond the glitz and glamour. Though Ireland has a less diverse animal and plant species than either Britain or mainland Europe, it was secluded from the mainland Europe by rising sea levels. The sun and the sea with the animals and land complete the picture of a natural holiday spot. Aquatic wildlife, such as species of sea turtle, shark, seal, whale, and dolphin, are commonly found off the coast. Ireland plays home to as many as over 400 species of birds Many of these are migrants, including the wild and well-known, Barn Swallow. Most of Ireland’s bird species are a guest from lands like Iceland, Greenland and Africa. This flora and fauna form a major attraction in the region. 

However if your taste says that the wild is to be looked at from afar and shouldn’t be the sole contributor of entertainment for your trips, here is a varied cultural options to dip your toes into. Read on:

  • The Titanic Museum
  • titanic-museum-attraction

    ·         Doesn’t the mighty titanic deserve a mighty monument. The museum that opened in 2012, to mark in the 100th anniversary of the tragic voyage of The Titanic. The voyage that was very common to the people, this museum marks a tribute to the voyage and the voyagers. It is among-st the busiest attraction of the Ireland as the number of visitors per hour is limited. Also, the Shipyard Ride is something that shouldn’t be skipped and moved on, it’s really an excellent ride.


  • Bunratty Castle & Folk Park Bunratty, County Clare
  • bunratty-castle-and-folk-park-bunratty-ireland-342_4

        If you are to complete just an attraction of Ireland, this can be the prominent and obvious one! Bunratty cradles everything, a grand castle, Irish cottages, farmyards, traditional pubs, shops, and even a school where you can learn to make bread. It is a worth for an all-day out.

  • Museum of Country Life Castlebar, County Mayomuseum-of-country-life-irelandThis visitor attraction is not highly recommended one though, although it has been open now for 11 years, not many Irish people know about it. It is amazing to know that you could spend all day here finding out about people in rural Ireland not very long ago. an excursion in history and lifestyle of the land is a must have if you want to know about Ireland.  Once you have visited the Straw exhibition where you will be mesmerized to see a number of things that could be made out of straws, starting from a babies cradle to making a donkey’s saddle.
  • Croke Park Museum, Croke Park, Dublin – Don’t know anything about Gaelic Games? Here is an option. The awesome-est tour of the Place. This museum as well as the stadium tour always keeps you occupied for several hours. Also to go behind the scenes in the only carbon neutral stadium of the world. Visit the players’ dressing rooms and rehearsal pitch and see where all the media-free after-match revelry goes on. This attraction is a highly recommended one.

The Irish food the wildness and the bliss of being one with nature will make this your pet place to relax. The land is known to inspire poets and writers all over the world with its charm and rustic environment. When the beauty is rugged and breathtaking the result is nothing less than what we call the Wild Ireland.

All and all there’s lots to visit in this island in Europe. You would be running short of days once you end up in Ireland. And trust me you won’t mind extending your stay at this beautiful and historic place, Ireland.

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