What Does Indian Cuisine Consist Of? Difference Between Various Indian Dishes and How to Cook Them

When you think of ethnic food, what comes to mind? In a way, it can be thought of as the variety of cuisines that are found in different countries. One particular kind of food that is extremely famous in addition to being tasty as well is Indian food. This cuisine hails mainly from India and is known especially for the variety of herbs, spices, and condiments that are used in the preparation of different dishes. Whether it is vegetarian food or non-vegetarian, the dishes are unique and flavorful. The main distinction that is made in Indian cuisine is the difference between North Indian dishes and South Indian dishes.

Some of the most common food popularly found in North India are-

  1. Roti- this is the most common food that is usually eaten. Roti refers to a flat bread that is usually accompanied by different Indian dishes that could be curries/gravies or simply cooked vegetables
  2. Naan- this is another type of bread that is often compared to the wester concept of ‘pita’ bread. This is also eaten with curries or cooked vegetables
  3. Kulcha- this is yet another kind of flat bread that is exceptionally tasty an is usually consumed in the state of Punjab
  4. Tandoori chicken- this is a certain preparation of chicken that is native to the North of India. It involves marinating chicken in yogurt and tandoori spices. After it is marinated, the chicken is cooked in a large clay oven
  5. Palak paneer- this dish has two main ingredients- palak which is spinach which is cooked thoroughly, and paneer which is cottage cheese. These two are mixed together and marinated with curry powder for taste
  6. Channa masala- this particular dish comprises of chickpeas that are cooked in a tasty curry marinated with different powders and masalas

Some of the most common food popularly found in South India are-

  1. Dosa- this dish is most commonly compared to the western crepe. It is made from a batter that is made using rice and black lentils. Dosas are eaten with an assortment of chutneys and sambar.
  2. Idli- this is yet another dish that is made from a similar batter that is used to make dosas. This batter is also made from rice and black lentils. Like dosas, this is also eaten with chutneys and sambar
  3. Vada- this is usually eaten as a snack by South Indians. It is made by frying small amounts of batter that is made from different lentils. These often also have onions, pepper, and green chillies added to it. Sometimes, the shape of a vada could resemble a small donut
  4. Sambar- this dish is a kind of thick-soupy curry that is made up of lentils, vegetables, and different spices and masalas. It is usually eaten with dosas, idlis, or rice

This list has probably given you an idea as to how different Indian food is from western food like pizzas, hamburgers and the like. In North India, there is more usage of curry powder whereas in the south it is less strong spices.

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