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Only by hearing the name of Gol Gappa, every Indians craves for the mouth-watering snack and to tingle their taste buds. Gol gappa also famously known as pani puri, pani ke bataashe, puchka etc. is a famous form of chaat available on the streets all over India. There would be no such Indian who do not know what gol gappa or pani puri is. Gol gappa is a favorite treat of snacks from kids to the elder one. The name itself brings water in anyone’s mouth for its khatta meetha flavor. Gol gappa consists of round hallow puri which is fried to make it crisp and is later filled with stuffings like mashed potatoes, chickpeas, boiled moong, boondi etc. along with the flavored water with the variety types like mint water, sweet water made of tamarind and dates and other such spicy, salty and tangy flavors.gol gappe1

Gol gappa is said to be originated in Bihar, Gol gappa is originated in India and is famous and easily available in the cities like Mumbai, delhi, kolkatta, lucknow, Chittagong, Jaipur etc. In Haryana gol gappa is known as pani ke patashe, in other states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal etc. it is famous as Gol gappa. In other states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. it is known as pani puri. Puchka is the term in the state of West Bengal and the neighboring country Bangladesh. Gol gappa is also famous in neighboring countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Gol gappas are very delicious in taste and fun treat to eat. With one bite of gol gappa lots of flavors immerse in the mouth at the same time. The tradition of eating pani puri is to eat the whole stuffed puri with paani at one go, thus the size of the puri is made accordingly. Gol gappa are presented with the crisp puri’s filled with the common stuffing like mashed potatoes, onions, boondi, moong, chickpeas etc topped with chaat masala and filled with waters like mint water(pudina water), tamarind water(khatta imli pani), sweet water(khajur ka meetha paani). There are many variations now-a-days in the stuffing and the flavored waters. According to the preference and the personal choice many prefer stuffing like boondi, boiled moong etc with water. Many prefer sstuffings like mashed aloos and onions topped with black pepper and chaat masala along with the flavored waters. Many add curd to the stuffing along with the flavored water and many add tomatoes and kacchi kairi(raw mangoes) along with dahi and sev with the flavored waters. In Lucknow there is a famous variation of paanch swaad ke bataashe, which offers five types of flavored waters for the servings. Now-a-days many restaurants serves gol gappa with the vodka water and many youngsters love to explore this options, this dish is thus termed as gol gappa shooters. Vodka water flavored gol gappa is not a common ingredient and is used at very rare places.gol gappa shooters

Gol gappas is a treat which is not so difficult to make. All you need for the filling is boiled and mashed potatoes, boiled chickpeas, boondi, boiled moong, minutely chopped onions, chaat masala and other spices and ingredients according to the need. For green pudina pani, you need ice cold water, green chutney of pudina and chutneys, lemon, salt, black salt, pani puri masala, roasted cumin also known as jeera and for meetha pani( sweet water) you need to make a paste of dates and tamarind and mix in the water properly and add salt and jeera. Once everything is perfectly ready, paani puri is a bliss of taste. Serving of pani puri is also different than any other food types. A hole is made big enough in the center of the puri to fill the stuffing by using the index finger, one should be very careful while doing this or the puri will break. Now one by one all the ingredients for stuffing is added and later it is immersed in chilled flavored pani made of mint and dates and thus one should eat the whole puri right away at one go. Puri of gol gappa is easily available in the market and one can even make it at home.gol gappe 2

Gol gappa has nutritional values like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Since the amount of fat is low and the calorie content is minimal, gol gappa has nothing such for one should resist from having. One can have gol gappas in any quantity without the fear of weight gain or any other health issues like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. the ingredients used in the flavored waters are also good for health as it has many benefits and mint leaves,lemon, tamarind and dates are always good for health.

Gol gappas have gained its popularity all over the world. There are many restaurants across the globe serving the Indian cuisine Gol Gappa. One can make gol gappas in abroad as well as the ingredients like its puri and flavored water and other such materials are easily available in few of the shops selling Indian products and Indian ingredients. Gol gappa have gained more popularity after its use in lots of Bollywood movies and tele serials. Gol gappa eating challenge and competition has also gained its popularity.

gol gappe street vendorsGol gappa is thus a great Indian treat for snacks and dinner which is also fun to have with all yummy flavors and spices. It is famous all over and the best you get in India is on the street, it’s a treat which any Indians can’t resist.

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