From Fruits to Smoothies: Foods Of California

From Fruits to Smoothies: Foods Of California

California is the place where people fully rely on eating healthy food grown by organic methods and all the vegetables, fruits come from farmer’s farm. California produces about 80% of all the fruits and vegetables in US. Due to its Mediterranean climate there, it’s very well suited  for farming. The lifestyle of people is such that they are very health-conscious so it’s one of the main added advantage why organic farming has improved over the years. Now let’s look at the famous foods which you can savour whenever you visit California.

First and foremost, a food that Californians love is Sourdough Bread.It is a must for every Californian family to have it on their dinner table. And you have to try it out otherwise you will miss the chance to soothe your taste buds. As this bread taste is crispy crust, chewy and it goes well when you have it with soups. And Non Vegetarians can try with several seafood dishes, it’s a great combo. The History of Sourdough Bread dates back to many ages and it was favourite of many miners at gold rush, as they carried it as starter. The uniqueness of this bread is that it can’t be produced elsewhere and even if you find it cant beat the original taste which is somewhat sour in flavour.

Next what we have on this list is yummy, delicious Dungeness Crab which will make you to have more. Many chefs love to prepare it using white wine and adding some aromatic herbs which will make a perfect dish to have with the wine. And year after year this dish has been evolved with very differently used methods and herbs. And it still continuous to be hot favourite of Californians. Dungeness crab are stirred fried with onion and ginger and  many of them prefer to have in the form of crab cakes.

All must have heard about rolls, you will find them everywhere and named after their  own place name. So here we will check out Californian roll which is the most fusion cuisine of Californian people. Californian roll is a combo of Japanese and Californian cultures. It is usually a sushi roll consisting of crab meat, rice, avocado, sea weed and cucumber.

Next we have is California Burrito which  is the fusion of Californian and Mexican food. we can find  many restaurants serving Mexican dishes now a days. The traditional Burrito consists of rice, beans and carne asada and even French fries also included. Now San Francisco mission burrito has become the national dish and it is prepared by large flour tortillas filled with rice, beans, many options or layers of meat, salsa, cheese, guacamole and nicely wrapped in a foil and can be enjoyed and even customers have the opportunity to choose the ingredients to add to their burritos. Even now a day’s fish taco is also catching the eyes of many food lovers. It is prepared by grilling the fish or by frying it and a dash of lemon juice is added and served with avocado. It is the perfect meal at the beach watching the sunset and tasting this dish.


Sun dried tomatoes which is prepared by drying the tomatoes in the sun which is an old Sicilian method which is done to preserve tomatoes. Back then it was done at backyard of farmer’s home but now it has become marketing source as it’s demand in public is more. This is present in each and every dish of Californian recipe. It is used mainly in pizza, pasta, salads and many other recipes and its consumption increased so much that food critics stated that it is a overused in all the Californian cuisine.

Next on the list is for those who have sweet tooth will love this yummy desserts. Firstly we have Caramel and Pecan chocolates. The taste is heavenly amazing and the semi dark chocolate also looks eye catchy. It is prepared by using oats, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, caramel, milk, semisweet chocolate , milk chocolate and diamond pecans. Then we will move on to California Ambrosia which is prepared by using oranges, sweetened flaked coconut, and grand marnier. The rich orange colour makes the dessert an eye treat and the taste will last longer in your taste buds.



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At last We have is Almond Toffe Bark which is carefully served in  the glass bowl looking enriched with chocolate flavour with lots of nuts into it. It is prepared by using almonds, butter, sugar, water, vanilla, salt and using different types of chocolate.

One of the most interesting fact is that California is the number one producer of ice creams. It has the record that it produces 133 million gallons of ice cream. You can taste varieties of ice creams there, it includes Desert tacos, Birthday cake ice cream cake pop, chocolate mocha, cherry pie ice cream, Flag parfait, California Ice cream sandwiches, the ultimate California sundae, Hot cocoa sundae etc you can try variety of ice creams.



If you still have not felt enough of it then do visit McConnell’s Ice cream, which is a heritage California ice cream company started about 70 years ago. And please do try Spigot with palmer which is a peanut butter ice cream and is prepared from freshly available butter and organic egg’s. Each bite has richer taste and the quality is at its best. Lastly, feel the aroma of food which can make you to be happy contently.

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