Of French Cuisine: Quiche

Of French Cuisine: Quiche


Quiche, full of Italian flavors and herbs is a perfect crispy creamy treat for dinners and snacks. Quiche is an open faced Italian baked dish with the crust and stuffings of cream, cheese, custard, meat, seafood and exotic vegetables. Quiche is a perfect treat for all Italian food lovers who loves baked cheese and creamy dishes and thus is popular all over the world like that of other Italian dishes like pizzas, pastas, enchiladas, lasagna etc. The quiche does not only look great, but it tastes delicious with the fresh exotic vegetables and ingredients with the Italian spices and herbs. Ingredients like bacon, mushrooms, etc. are the most common and popular ingredients of quiche. The filling of quiche is just like liquid satin as it is so cheesy, creamy and rich in the flavors that it just melts in the mouth, and will let the taste-buds of the mouth to a different high.

Quiche is an ancient dish which is believed to be originated from the Lorraine region in France that borders Germany and during the medieval times the area was named as Lothringen, which fell under the German kingdom. There is still a mystery of the origin as some say its originated in 16th century and according to Oxford Companion to food it says that it became popular only in the beginning of the 19th century. Thus the only clear thing with the history of quiche is that it is originated in Germany during the ancient times. The meaning of quiche is cake which is derived from the German word kuchen. Though in today’s quiche is only considered as French cuisine with its typical flavor it gives. Quiche Lorraine is the most famous and popular type of quiche which is flavoured with cheese, onions and bacon.

Quiches goes well with all types of meal, whether it is brunch, lunch, evening snacks or for dinner parties. The recipe of quiche has variations according to the types and ingredients. According to the variation, there are plenty of recipes available on internet, both with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. A good knowledge of baking is a must for trying this delicacy at home. Quiches are generally made with the combination of eggs, liquid, cheese, vegetables all baked in a pastry shell. One should be careful with the baking temperature and baking time. The filling of the quiche depends on anything like creamy cheese mustard with exotic vegetables, bacons, mushrooms or any leftover foods. The pie crust should be tender and flaky. Once mastered the art of baking quiche, one can always try with different ingredients and flavors.quiche 2

All types of quiche has a common thread between them, that is of creamy cheese custard and Italian flavors and herbes. Though the other ingredients like bacon, vegetables, meat etc. vary from type to type. Quiche Lorraine is a popular type consisting of bacon, onion and cheese. Roasted tomato basil and parmeson quiche is another variety with gives an amazing taste of tomatoes blended with crème and cheese. Goats cheese and watercress quiche is another type of quiche which is gluten-free and tastes amazingly awesome. Sticky onion and cheddar cheese quiche is another type of a great quiche which gives a perfect treat for dinner parties, picnins n other such events. Garden vegetables and goats cheese quiche is another type of awesome quiche which includes fresh vegetables from the gardens making it more tempting and delicious. Pea, mint and goat cheese quiche is adds delicious elements to the perfect treat. Cauliflower and bacon cheese is another variation in the types of quiche. Rocket, mushroom and bacon cheese and potato spring onion and Montgomery cheddar quiche is few of the rare types of quiche. Salmon and watercress quiche, Broccoli and Boursin Quiche egg free cheese and bacon quiche are other types available in France.  Seafood Quiche with Havarti Cheese and Dill, and Roasted Pepper, Prosciutto and Feta Quiche are other good and exotic variations of the French cuisine quiche. Spinach mushroom and corn quiche is other common variation popular all over for the vegetarian option in quiche. Thus there are numerous variations and types of quiche all over.spinach quiche

Quiche has many nutritional advantages like protein due to dish’s high egg content and the cheese and crème. It has lots of fiber as it has many vegetable having rich fiber contents. It also has its part of vitamin and mineral content. Vitamins like B-12, calcium, iron and zinc are the range of vitamins and minerals found in quiche. It also has content of fats and calories.

Quiche nowadays are easily available all over the world with those restaurants providing French and Italian cuisine. Apart from the French territory and countries, quiche is best available in many other countries. Brasserie by LM is a restaurant in Chicago serving the French traditional cuisine, quiche. Most of the options available are all the vegetarian types. Sharis restaurant serves quiche in many parts of US. In India quiche are available in restaurants like indigo deli, le pain quotidian and other restaurant and bakeries serving French cuisine.

Quiche goes well with milk, tea or coffee when had for breakfast and goes amazing with the sip of wine with dinner. French cuisines are always linked with the art, elegance and wine.


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