The Food Of Italy

The Food Of Italy

Italy is the city of food as in Italy eating food is not just the activity of soothing down your muffled stomach. In fact in Italy eating is the synonym of togetherness, cordiality, a glass of wine with the slice of salami or just a piece of cheese. For Italians, the food time is the most amazing time of the day as for them it’s the time to enjoy with the family and friends; it’s the time for flavors, wine and laughter. So does reflects in the Italian Cuisine also as it’s all about the culture.



The Italian cuisine is loved by liked everywhere outside Italy too. Sometimes the food of Italy referred to as the “the gastronomy of Italian regions” as it is the hodgepodge of the flavors, tastes, creativity along with the history and traditions of whole Italy. It’s the most requested and imitated cuisine around the world, as it is simple, highly digestible and most importantly excessively light and healthy most of times.


The Italian food culture is all about living in the kitchen every single day; join the good time with family and friends and follow the ancient traditions of Italy to a better wakefulness of the use of food. The cuisine is quite rich in its recipes like: pizza, ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna, prosciutto ham, Parmigianino Reggiano parmesan cheese, ice cream (IT: gelato), espresso and more. It’s actually not possible to list all the recipes and products, but everybody just remembers it forever once it is being tasted anywhere anytime as it has the essence of all Italy. The best part of it’s culture is that the Italians have different food customs at different ceremonial occasions like they for the feast day have special Saint Joseph’s bread, Easter bread with hard boiled eggs, Saint Lucy’s “eyes” and a special Feast Of the Seven Fishes for their New Year’s.


It’s been observed that whenever people think of Italy and its food they definitely think of Pizza but here I tell you out this that Italian cuisine has a lots of taste and flavors hidden in it so let’s here get it all explored!!!




The people of Italy eat a lot of cheese in their daily meals and they have given a lot of different varieties of cheese to the world to eat upon among which one Parmigiano-Reggiano is sometimes referred to as Parmesan in the rest of world. This cheese got its name from the place where it was produced Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, and Bologna. The fresh cheese has its own unique taste which is very essential in many Italian dishes and it gives very yummy taste when it pairs with numerous red wines. When you are in these regions of Italy definitely check for some for festivals out there and just enjoy the local production Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses!! Believe me once you re even back at home you will never forget the taste of the fresh cheese and would not actually wanted to buy the grated stuff in a can ever again. The Kraft Parmesan cheese that you sprinkle over the pasta at home is not actually the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses.



Risotto a yummy creamy grained dish is indigenous to the Piedmont region of the northern Italy. It is made of the short-grain rice with the broth that makes a creamy dish. It is quite difficult to make this dish as slight improper cooking ca turn this scrumptious dish to crusty rice soup. Though being made of rice, it is a very light and healthy dish because of its cooking pattern and due to which it is liked a lot by the people all over the world and even in gourmet French restaurants this is very easily available. And if you want to learn to make a good Risotto at home you should definitely meet the chefs like Mario Batali who is actually considered to be the master of the risotto in Italy.




Another luscious dish of Italy Spaghetti is indigenous to the southern Italy. Many people have this illusion that pasta was not invented in Italy, though it is true that China has hold on the first known pastas but the popular pastas called as Spaghetti were originated in the Italy back in the 12th century. For Pasta lovers there is great opportunity to visit the Pasta Museum in Rome during your travels in Italy. It’s a big museum of 11 rooms with eight centuries of pasta history.



Cannoli is one of the most loved Italian dishes all over the world. Everyone knows it with its famous name as cannoli from Sicily as it was originated in the Palermo region of Sicily. Not just the taste of cannoli that attracts you to eat it but also it is beautifully garnished that you can’t resist yourself without eating it. If you have ever seen it, they are very small pastry kind of tubes with the stuffing of sweet, creamy cheese. Initially it was a dish that was prepared on the occasion of the Carnevale but later it become a part of the regular Italian cuisine and eventually found worldwide now. When you can’t go to Italy to have it all, we definitely suggest you to visit the cities with “Little Italy” outlets, they also serve you in the best possible manner Italians can.



After taking taste of so many Italian dishes now comes the turn for the famous dessert of Italy called the Spumoni. It is basically a modeled Italian Ice cream. It was originated in Naples, Italy and its traditional taste could only be found in Italy itself as out of Italy you will only found spumoni ice cream at local grocers. And its taste is so luscious that keeps you craving until your next visit to Italy. It has many layers and every layered is different colored and contains different nuts and candied fruits.

This popular Italian dessert is so much loved in North America that there they are celebrating the two National spumoni days. The United States of America celebrates August 21 and November 13 in Canada is celebrated as the Spumoni days.

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