Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

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Mauritius, one of the Mascarene Islands once ruled by pirates is today best known for its reasonable luxury hotels on white and pink sand beaches. It is land of Indian temples, colonial houses, botanical gardens, bird watching, sea diving and what not! The famous writer Mark Twain once said: ‘You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius’. Although the locals seem westernized, Mauritius is a conservative culture. Though a small island travelling through Mauritius needs time as the island has in store a lot of extraordinary and fascinating sites and adventures for its visitors. One such destination that keeps its audience in awe is Flic en Flac!

Flic en Flac, originally a local fishing village where people from nearby villages only came to bury the dead is today a popular tourist destination in Mauritius. The place has some of the best beaches in Mauritius. When explorers first arrived in the 18th century, the place was known as Fried Landt Flaak (Old Dutch meaning Free and Flat Land). It is situated between the districts of Albion and Black River along the west coast of Mauritius. It is the second most populated tourist area in Mauritius after Grand Baie. It is about 15 km south of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Flic en Flac offers the best scenic view in Mauritius. It is a one hour drive from the airport to Flic en Flac. The place also has a good bus route leading to key locations In Mauritius. It is linked via road to Quatre Bornes in the East and Tamarin in the South.

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The village is very quiet, pleasant and charming with beautiful white sand beaches and blue lagoons. The long sandy beach stretches down the west coast to Tamarin. It is one place where you can see horse riders ambling along the shore early in the morning and watch the sky turn pinkish orange late in the evening! A lot of minimum budget restaurants and supermarkets also contribute to making stay at Flic en Flac extremely comfortable. It is a fun place to spend your holiday indulged in water sports, afternoon walks and basking in the beaches. Flic en Flac also offers a quiet setting for complete relaxation.  The 65-villa Taj Exotica overlooking the Tamarin Bay offers a free daily meditation session and a four hour ‘dinacarya’ treatment: a combination of ayurveda, yoga and a vegetarian meal that will help in relieving stress. One can even go picnicking under the shades of the Casurina and Filao trees that border the coastline.

Over the past few decades, Flic en Flac has changed from being a secret paradise known to a small number of travellers to to a popular holiday destination. Today the village is home to a vast range of hotel networks, from 5 star deluxe networks to family owned bungalows, apartments and villas catering to the needs of its customers. Hilton Mauritius, Golden Beach Resort, Villas Caroline, La Pirogue and Pearl Beach are some of the main hotels found along the Flic en Flac beach. Of these hotels, the Hilton Mauritius offers the best scenic view of the village surrounded by reefs and lagoons. The hotel has an indulgent spa with face and body treatments, sauna, yoga and tai chi. Other highlights of Hilton Mauritius include indoor and outdoor games, cocktail lounge, aqua-bar and four unique Mauritius restaurants.

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The Tamarina Golf estate that gives one an exceptional golf experience is only a 20 minute drive from the resort. Those not interested in golfing can go quad biking at Domaine de L’Etoile or trekking in the Black River Gorges National Park. Also, the Casela Nature and Leisure Park where you can discover the unique flora and fauna of Mauritius takes only a 10 minute walk from Hilton. The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and the Medine Sugar Factory are other important tourist destinations of Flic en Flac. While Hilton Mauritius lies in close proximity to the important tourist destinations of Flic en Flac, it is only a short walk from Villas Caroline to the Casino, shopping mall, bank, local stores and the best beach club in the Indian Ocean.

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The beach is also famous for its excellent dive sites. Sun Divers based at the La Pirogue hotels offers the best diving experience. Boat cruises, fishing excursions, undersea walks and submarine safaris are other adventurous activities available at Flic en Flac. Since Mauritius is where the east meets the west, the food served is a mixture of Indian, European and Creole cuisines. From posh and elite restaurants to fast food stores, Flic en Flac has an assortment of dishes to offer! The most popular among them is Jeanno Burgers, a small beach hut that serves home-made burgers and hot-dogs with a Mauritian smile. The Ocean Restaurant, on the other hand serves the best seafood in Flic en Flac. Chez Michou, located along the coastal road offer the best yummy ice creams and tasty pastries. Delicious and mouth watering Italian food is served in Chez Pepe.

Walks and strolls along the 8 km long beach is an unforgettable experience. The long stretches of white sand, diving and palate pleasing restaurants are incomparable. Flic en Flac is the best place to spend a nice and relaxing holiday in an enchanting environment. Unique in its style and tradition, Flic en Flac provides a very inviting atmosphere.

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