Flavorsome pani-puri

Flavorsome pani-puri

Pani puri- An extreme activation to your taste buds. The first snack that strikes the mind after listening the words like ‘toothsome’ and ‘mouth watering’ can’t be anything else other than flavorsome Pani puri. It lies among well liked street food in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Karachi and Lucknow. Pani puri is a crispy spheroid filled with certain items like sprouts and flavored ‘pani’. One can’t take a break while eating the same until the tummy is not fully filled. Apart from the taste, It is also included in low calorie snacks.

pani puri

Pani puri had its origination from south Bihar earlier known as Magadha. The alternative names of the former includes Gol gappe, Pani ke Batashe, Gup Chup and Pakodi. People from different places refer the same by different names. For example, Phulki in M.P., Pakodi in Gujarat, Pani puri in Maharashtra, Puchka in West Bengal, Gup chup in hydrabad, patashi in Rajasthan and Gol gappe in Punjab. More over Puchkas are considered to be the king among the variety of snacks in Kolkata. For the tangy taste of Gol gappa, it act as toothsome and flavorsome for people all over India. After the origination of Pani puri, soon the recipe became popular in other states with different flavors of ‘pani’ and stuffing.


The recipe of this mouth-watering snack comprises of using certain delicious ingredients like mint, tamarind, ginger, green chillies etc. The ‘puri’ also called phulkis are prepared by combining semolina, Plain flour, soda, water and salt . Dough is made which is divided into equal portions and later the same are placed under a damp cloth. The puris are ready by deep frying the former in kadhai. Puris are then drained on absorbent paper. The crispy phulkis are now ready to get dipped in flavored water. Besides this, the recipe of ‘pani’ includes soaking of tamarind in water for some hours and then mixing the pulp with water, black salt and mint like ingredients. The prepared water is then left for an hour to two to get chilled. Stuffing in puris are done with boondi or sprouts and sometimes tamarind chutney. The whole steps are combined to give pani puri a tag of most wanted street food of India. Soon it has became one of the popular snack and more over, we may find many puchka-freaks all over the country.


The pani puris are very attractively served. Serving includes placing 4 or 8 puris on a dry sal leaf or it is served one by one by street vendors. A small hole is made on the spheroid to crack it from middle then the same are stuffed. Puris are then dipped in flavored water. The way of taking puchkas is something very interesting which makes it different from other snacks. It is eaten by placing the whole one puri at a time. The vendor also have to keep different preferences of different people like some of them like to eat with sweetened water while others need extra stuffing. The whole process then ends with taking a puri without pani. The whole way of presentation is very commonly seen among the most street vendors.

The distinct presentation.

In different parts of India, plenty of variations can be seen in recipe and way of presentation of Pani puri. Even the name ‘pani puri’ also suffered a lot of variations. In the origin i.e. Bihar , it is being stuffed with Black gram and yellow peas . The former is then mixed with red and black pepper, garlic, ginger, onion etc. Whereas in Lucknow, the snack is called ‘paani ke batashe’ . The place has a variation in ‘pani’.
In places like west bengal and Jharkhand, people enjoy eating phulkis with mashed spicy potatoes. Orissa also has same pattern. On the other hand in Maharashtra, the recipe of all the three i.e. pani, puri and stuffing suffers variations. The pani has some delicious flavors like ‘nimbu ka paani’, ’imli ka paani’ or ‘pudine ka paani’. It is also eaten with curd and bhujia in Maharashtra. In Bangalore, the name has its transformation as ‘puchka’ and onion is also stuffed along with sprouts and other ingredients. In Jamshedpur, the ‘gol gappe’ stuffing is done with boiled and smashed potato along with hot Chole and onion. In this way the stuffing and pani vary from region to region.

Disparities among different areas.

The first one includes Pani puri which is served with flavored water and mouth watering stuffing. The paani and stuffing varies from area to area. It is sometimes eaten with curd and some sweetened water also. The water may have different varieties like tamarind flavored, lemon flavored, or mint flavored. Some street vendor serves with 6 flavored pani. The successive varieties of the same includes Dahi puri and Sev puri. Dahi puri is taking puris with yogurt thing instead of water. It gives a wonderful taste to mouth. It is the best dish or snack to be taken in summers. Sev puri on the other hand soothes your palate. Sev puri are prepared by some extra stuffing of puri with bhujia and onion.

So, let your taste buds to have an activation with crunchy, spicy and tooth some pani puri.

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