The Exquisite street food of Cairo, Egypt

The Exquisite street food of Cairo, Egypt

CairoCairo is termed as to be one of the largest cities in both Middle East and Africa. Though it being the capital city of Egypt and a famous tourist attraction, this destination for adventurous travelers and the people who love their food. The street food in Egypt is the best one ever and can be consumed at a very cheap rate as well. The traditional Egyptian cuisine meal is consumed everyday basis. The Kebab have become extremely famous and popular and have morphed the market of food in the last five decades.

Cairo in Egypt is famous for its variety of street food dishes which includes T’aameyya which is a common street food item, is also called falafel which is mostly for the sake of foreigners. It’s prepared of a different greener variety of fava bean which are spilled and ground with lots of parsley, formed into little balls and deep-fried. It is to be eaten in pita bread with a little sesame sauce into it. However, some t’aameyya stands jazz things up with additional toppings of roast vegetables such as eggplant, cauliflower or peppers into it which tastes delicious.

SHAWARMAAnother specialty in Cairo streets is the famous Shawarma which is layers of meat, thicker than Elephant legs, slow roast before the cooked outer layer is shaved off and thrown into Arabic bread or rolls.

kosharyKoshary is a uniquely innovated Egyptian style of dish and even perhaps the national dish of the country. It’s a poor man’s favorite dish because if fills his stomach at a very cheap rate and this dish is which is loaded with carbohydrates yet the best and ultimate, soporific comfort food item.Due to this extra healthy qualities  in this dish it is very much helpful for the laborers to consume it and help them to gain some energy. It is prepared with a variety of shapes of wheat pasta mixed with wheat grains or rice and chickpeas. Koshary is bathed in an average spiced tomato sauce, garnished with browned onions and served in a bowl which is usually a metal bowl. Additional spicy sauce and vinegar are offered in pitchers to add on to the dish, which costs about $2 per serving. Koshary is available in small restaurants all over the city.

Egypt is a country known for its variation of bread and here are the variety of breads that can be explored on the streets of Egypt in Cairo.In Egypt, where the common word for bread is ‘life’, Street Food in here is feasible for the average person’s pocket.

diet bread

This is the famous Arabic bread which is found on the streets of Cairo which is eaten with almost all combination of meals. Its like a part of the staple diet.
Price: Almost Free ($0.05).

egyptian thick load breadThis is the thick Egyptian loaf of bread which is again a type of bread served in Egypt and consumed with almost every meal.
Price: 2-4 LE ($0.34 – $0.68).

egyptian sandwichEgyptian sandwich which is served on streets which includes various types of filling into it.
Price: 1-3 LE per sandwich ($0.17 – $0.50).

egyptian pizza

These are the Egyptian Pizzas which are stuffed with Cheese, chicken, and peppers between the layers of the perfectly golden browned pasty dough.
Price: 25 LE ($4.20).


Minced lamb and onions filled the interior of this Arabic bread wrapping before it was roasted in a wood oven. Though it was baked, it was deep fried from the crunchiness of the outer bread known as Hawawshy and pronounced as Ha-WOW-She.
Price: 6 LE ($1). 

Various forms of sweets are available as well which includes


Its an Egyptian version of Milk pudding.
Price: 2-5 LE ($0.34 – $0.84).

basbausaBasbausa is overly sweet cake made from semolina flour, is found throughout the Arab world and is a great way to get an instant sugary burst of highness and is the best and cheapest sweet dish available in the Arab countries especially in Cairo.
Price: 5-10 LE for an entire plate of mixed Egyptian street desserts ($0.84 – $1.68).

crystallized honey

Even this very sweet in taste. It is a kind of sweet dessert known as kunafa. It tastes like flakes of honey with a crunch.
Price: 5-10 LE where as for an entire plate of mixed Egyptian street desserts ($0.84 – $1.68).

BEVERAGES are available o street at every corner and lane of the city. As due to the terrifying climatic conditions in here there is always a need of handful drinks on the streets of Cairo.

Egyptian tea

Everywhere and anywhere at anytime available is this Egyptian tea which will be served on the streets at the cheapest affordable rates.
Price: 1 LE ($0.17).

Ahwa egyptian coffee

The Egyptian variation of spiced coffee.
Price: 2-4 LE ($0.34 – $0.68).


Layers of strawberries, bananas, apples, mango pulp and yogurt make this Cairene coctel a magical street treat and it is advisable to all specially after a splendid lunch at cheap rates. This dish suits the body temperature and provides pleasure of satisfaction.
Price: 2-4 LE ($0.34 – $0.68).

Egypt has a lot more to explore but this is just a glimpse of what can be consumed on your first trip to Egypt. The basic idea of Egyptian food is to satisfy the visitors at the cheapest rates especially the street food. People leave this place with a smile on their faces.  The food in here is not that unique to itself but has established its own form of style and importance in the world of food.

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