Where to Eat in Tacloban

Where to Eat in Tacloban

Where to Eat in Tacloban

Tacloban City is one of the top ten most outstanding cities in the Philippines based from the survey of the Asian Institute of Management which was released July 2010. It is the first city in Region Vlll to become a “Highly Urbanized City”. Tacloban City is also the regional center of
Eastern Visayas. Tacloban is a “Waray” speaking city and was also known a Kankabatok, a named derived from the first inhabitants of the place-Kabatok.

Tacloban City has many beautiful and historical spots which were always visited by local and international tourists. Tacloban is also famous for its native delicacies which can be a perfect “pasalubong” for your loved ones and friends. Aside from its delicious native delicacies, Tacloban City is also known for its delicious seafood’s. More so, the city is also known for the delicious treats served in the different restaurant of the city. Restaurants in Tacloban City are a “must Visit” if you want to indulge yourself with the city’s famous food treats. Among the favorite restaurant and food stations in Tacloban are:

1. Café Teresa- They have the best brewed coffee in the city and the best mouthwatering desserts like crepes and banana splits.

2. Giuseppe’s- is an authentic Italian restaurant where you can dine at a very reasonable price. The exceptional services they give to their guests and customers can be compared to the services given by a four star restaurant staff to their customers.
3. Ocho Seafood and Grill restaurant- serves a combination of the Filipino and Chinese cuisine. While you dine in Ocho, you can choose and buy seafood by grams and have them cook it for you. They charge you 100 pesos for cooking fee and rice. They also serve the best Pinakbet in town. Their business starts from 10 in the morning to 10 in the afternoon.

4. Lucky Six- Just like the Ocho Seafood Restaurant; Lucky Six specialize with seafood dishes. However, if you opt to dine in Lucky Six, they also serve original Chinese cooking.

5. Royal Seafood- This restaurant serves excellent seafood delicacies and exotic food like jungle lizards, aphrodisiacs and pancit canton.

6. Zanzibar- Their specialty is the delicious Nacho Salad and the rum beef
7. Rafael Farms- is a family owned farm. They served sumptuous food. Their Calamansi juice which is uniquely prepared as it is added with shredded carrots and cucumber is really refreshing!

8. Hugo’s- They serve freshly made Mexican dishes. They also serve best cakes, pastries and Nachos.

9. Chowking- is one of the local food chain with a wide selection of local dishes and dim sum. They also serve the best and thirst quenching halo-halo.

10. Tacloban Royal Restaurant- They serve delicious sinigang soups and calderreta at a very reasonable price.

11. Zaibatsu- Serve the best pasta. They serve generous servings. The whole place is cozy and their staff also gives good service to their customers.

12. Cherry Refreshment- is Tacloban City’s small snack center and the dealer of the city’s delicious delicacies. Some of their famous delicacies are:

• Binagol- which is made from talyan (which came from the family of gabi), with sweet coconut milk and peanuts for its creamy fillings.
• Sagmani- is made of gabi. It is wrapped in dried banana leaves.
• Moron- is the chocolate version of suman.

13. Calle Z Restaurant- is one of the oldest restaurants in the city which serves sweet and spicy shrimps. Calle Z also serves the best Bulalo, Crispy Tenga and sizzling Bangus. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 4 in the morning of the following day.

14. Uncle Sam Restaurant- They serve Uncle Sam’s Texan Barbecue Back ribs and the best authentic American Burger.

15. Dream café Restaurant- is a great place to have breakfast where you can eat sausage and egg muffins. They serve really great food. Their delicious steaks, meats and other international dishes are yummilicious. For those who love to eat vegetables, Dream Café Restaurant is just the right place for you to go. They serve buttered vegetables prepared with extra spice and cool yummy shakes. They also have freshly baked breads that you can choose to your hearts delight.
16. Shakey’s- If you’re starving to get the best pizza in town, Shakeys has just got everything you’re looking for in a pizza. They have different pizza flavors. Shakey’s also serve salad with croutons.

17. MEX’EM Up Grill Restaurant- They serve super delicious food at a very reasonable price. Their Burritos, salads, vegetarian pizza, beef salpicao and beef with mash potatoes are super yummy.

18. K Patisserie Restaurant- They just got the tastiest colorful cupcakes which are soft and tasty. K Patisserie Restaurant is the right place to go where you can enjoy a light snack with cupcakes and milk shakes.

19. Jose Carlos Restaurant- is Tacloban City’s counterpart of the famous Starbucks Cafe. It is a cozy place for coffee and pastries at a very reasonable price

20. San Pedro Bay Seafood’s Restaurant- San Pedro Bay serves the best seafood delicacies of crabs and blue marlin. They also have excellent shrimp recipes that can really make you ask for more.

21. Ayo Café- offers a numerous selection of delicious food at a very reasonable price. It is a perfect place where you can have a good meal and drink.

22. The Little Green Kitchen Village Restaurant- They serve the amazing crispy pata.

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