Donuts: The Sweet Treat Everyone’s Mad Over

Donuts: The Sweet Treat Everyone’s Mad Over


Nothing can be more delightful and fascinating than grabbing a donut during childhood. A sweet chocolaty treat which is more delicious than its attracting and tempting look, appeal everyone to indulge in the sweet sin. Donut is also known as doughnut and is a fried dough confectionery with different types and flavors of frosting which one can use for breakfast, snacks or desserts. The delicious treat of donuts is famous worldwide with all its different varieties available. A disc shaped fried dough with the chocolate frosting is kid’s all time favorite. The delicious chocolaty warmth of the donut just melts in the mouth with everlasting chocolate taste buds.

Though the origin of the donuts is still not clear, it is said that Dutch while making oil cakes in 19th century made the simple ball of cakes and fried to until it golden brown. They moderated the center of donuts with the dry fruits and other such fillings as it was difficult to cook the inner part and fillings like dry fruits and nuts don’t need to be cooked at that extent. In later years the shape was modified by punching a hole in the center of the dough ball. The origin and derivation of the name is still in debate.

Donut in today’s world is very famous since few decades. With unique toppings, frostings and flavors, donuts have gained vast popularity. Donuts can be easily made at home as it is easy to make. Crusty, fluffy and chocolaty donuts glazed with chocolate or cinnamon or other such ingredients always appeal everyone to grab it.

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Recipe of eggless donuts goes with simple ingredients like fine wheat flour (maida) 2cups, milk 3/4th cup, sugar 2 tablespoons, dry  active yeast 1 tablespoon, butter 1/4th cup, salt half teaspoon and oil for frying. For glazing the donuts powdered sugar 1/4thcup, brown chocolate and white chocolate both 100gms is required. To start with, take a big utensil and add all the ingredients like sugar, salt, butter and dry active yeast, lukewarm milk and start kneading the dough for ten minutes until it gets soft. Later roll the dough by giving it a round shape and spread some dry flour on the surface and place the dough on it. Make round circles with the help of rolling pin with the thickness of around ½ to ¾ cm of thickness and cut the donuts in the round shape with the help of the glass or any such instrument. With the help of the small cap of any bottles make holes in the donut and place it on a tray for frying. Apply a little of oil to all the prepared donuts so that they don’t get dried and keep it aside for two hours. After two hours heat oil in the pan for frying. Slowly add donuts as according to the size of the pan in the medium hot oil and fry it till they become golden brown in its color. Place the fried donuts in a plate with tissue paper or any such absorbent paper. Dust the piping of donuts with the powdered sugar. Later for the glazing of the donuts melt both the white and milk or dark chocolate and place it in a bowl. Dip the donuts in the melted chocolate and keep it aside to set. One can garnish the donuts with other toppings like choco chips, milk chocolate, jams, jellies, crème and other such ingredients and thus the donuts are ready to serve.

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There are various variations and types of donuts available worldwide. A simple glazed donut, maple iced donut, glazed cinnamon, chocolate iced glazed, chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles, chocolate iced crème filled, glazed strawberry and raspberry filled, double dark chocolate donut etc are few of the common varieties out of the infinite types of donuts. Donuts glazed with white chocolate with the toppings of jelly, black-current, jams etc are also very common now-a-days. The rare variation is the cheese donut latest available in the outlets of M.O.D.

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There are many famous outlets serving the best donuts all over the world. Randy’s donut’s in Los Angeles has its outlet in every corner of the street. The outlet is famous since decades for its donuts. Buttermilk and crumb raised donuts are the popular one amongst the crowd. Blue star donuts outlet in Portland is also one of the famous place serving best donuts all over the world. World’s best donut is the other famous outlet in Grand Marais. World’s famous chain of donuts, the dunkin donuts is the global company which serves donuts all over the world. Started in the mid of 19th century, dunkin donuts have made its name worldwide for serving the best donuts all over the world. Dunkin donuts have recently opened its outlets in India. Mad Over Donuts it another popular outlet famous for its delicious donuts in all over India.

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Donut in recent years has gained lots of popularity and has become an alternative over pastries and other sweet delicacies. With its deliciously tempting looks, donuts appeal everyone of all age groups to relish on it with a wide variety and chocolaty affair they offer.

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