Don’t Miss Crab Cakes from Maryland

Don’t Miss Crab Cakes from Maryland

Located in the United States is the state of Maryland, having Baltimore as its largest city. There are innumerable museums, and many other natural avenues that all travelers can explore while here. But any and all itineraries of Maryland must include a chance for the travelers to savor the cuisine around here, especially the local seafood. Maryland offers a culinary delight to all foodies, more so for the sea food lovers. Even among this, the Maryland Crab Cake is recognized worldwide and is a delicious dish. Maryland is often seen as the place of origin of the crab cakes, to taste the dish where it can be traced back to, is to experience a wonderful amalgamation of tradition and taste.


The Crab Cakes and its varied and appetizing recipes can be dated back to centuries. The dish became prominent in Maryland most probably because of the fact that the blue crab happens to be a native food found easily in the Chesapeake Bay. And in addition to the easy availability, the meat from the blue crab also makes for a truly tasteful base ingredient for any dish. Though today many different kinds of crabs are used for the meat in the crab cakes, several traditional recipes still stick to the blue crabs in the ingredients, and retain a distinct taste and flavor.

Crab Cakes with Avocado Sauce

Menus of any eating joint in Maryland and more specifically Baltimore are bound to have several Crab Cake recipes among them, as it is a culinary delight that has come to be associated most prominently with this state. From high end restaurants, to the taverns, and eating stalls, you can taste these delicacies in different kinds of eating and dining environs, which add a charm of their own. The local seafood available in the Inner Harbor is very popular, so is the Lexington Market in Baltimore. An appetizing journey awaits all those who visit the many stalls and restaurants serving crab cakes around here.

Crab Cake, Faidley's

There are many seafood restaurants, or local eateries spread across Maryland that provides you with countless choices. Some of these eating joints have rich histories of their own, for instance the Faidley Seafood was established as far back as 1886, and they have their Crab Cake recipes passed down since generations. The choices available at these restaurants vary with their different recipes, but never compromise on the sweet and succulent taste of the Crab Cakes, irrespective of the different ingredients used.

Crab Cakes, small

Crab Cakes are usually round and patty like in shape, almost of the size of a cookie. But that is not a necessity, based on ingredients and one’s disposition they can be made out to be as huge as a hamburger.

Crab Cakes, Large Shapes

The traditional Crab Cake recipes can be and are tweaked and experimented to cook various different kinds of dishes. Over the years and depending on the regions many changes have been introduced in the recipes. These variations can be achieved by using different kind of crab meat, or changing the secondary ingredients, or the cooking methods and techniques. These experimentation do not take away from the rich taste of the Crab Cakes.


Few ingredients are very basic to all the recipes and they vary only in their type. As the very name of the dish suggests, crab meat is among the most basic ingredients. Usually the meat from blue crabs is used around Maryland, but various other kinds of crab meats are used too. Other necessary ingredients include seasonings, bread crumbs and eggs to bind the meat together, mayonnaise and milk among other things. The simplicity of the cooking procedure and ingredients insure that the flavor and taste of the sweet meat is not marred or overcome by others. Other ingredients are often used which can include onions, garlic, parsley, mustard, red and green peppers, corn, spices like Old Bay to name a few.

Crab Cakes, with Bun

Various cooking techniques like baking, broiling, grilling is used to prepare this dish. Maryland Crab Cakes are cooked in two main ways. Depending on the cooking methods, and the serving styles these ways have been named as Boardwalk and Restaurant. When the crab cakes have various fillings, and are deep fried they are called the Boardwalk Crab Cakes, and are mostly served on a bun.

Crab Cakes, on a Platter

The Restaurant Crab Cakes on the other hand don’t have any internal stuffing; the dish dominated by crab meat is usually served on a platter. Crab Cakes are usually eaten along with sides. These side dishes vary greatly; they can include baked potatoes, potato fries, green salad, crackers, cottage cheese, sauces (like remoulade sauce, tartar sauce, traditional cocktail sauce, lemon herb sauce or spicy avocado sauce), olive oil, spices, and coleslaw.


Coleslaw is one of the most traditional side dishes offered with Crab Cakes and are made of shredded cabbage that is mixed with seasonings (for instance apple and fennel) and buttermilk among other things.

Crab Cakes.

The dish of Crab Cakes is associated with the state of Maryland all over the world. The golden brown color of these cakes, the mouth-watering sweet crab meat, the creamy fillings, appetizing serving styles, and the equally delicious side dishes all make Crab Cakes a must taste dish for all seafood lovers. To dig your teeth into this delectable culinary offering, that too in the place of its origin, is one experience that travelers should definitely put in their schedule while in Maryland.

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