The Colourful, Clarke Quay, Singapore

The Colourful, Clarke Quay, Singapore

Situated upstream from the north, of the Singapore river and Boat quay (another historical quay), Clark Quay is a historical quay in Singapore, resting within the Singapore River Planning Area. A Quay is a structure on the shore of a harbour or on the banks of  a river or canal, where ships may dock to load and unload cargo and passengers.


Clarke Quay was christened thus after the second Governor and the Governor of the straits Settlement, who played a vital role in positioning Singapore as the main port of the Malay states of Perak, Selangor and Sungei Ujong. The road running along the quay is also called Clarke street. Both Clarke street and Clarke quay have been converted into pedestrian malls.

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Exploring the yesteryears…Clarke Quay in the past was a hub of warehouses, where goods from Boat quay, which was a commercial centre during the colonial era, when the Singapore river was the centre of trade, were transported. With the increase in trade, the river started to get polluted and Clarke quay over populated with thousands of ships and boats ready to load and unload. Seeing this the Government decided to relocate the cargo services to a modern facility in Pasir Panjang. The Government then got the river and its surrounding areas forming Clarke quay cleaned. It also planned to renovate the area and build new buildings, while restoring the old ones, as they wanted the historical essence of clarke quay to stay intact.


According to the plans, the arean had to be revamped ttotally and transformed into a mushrooming commercial, residential and entertainment district. Developed and officially opened in 1993, the Clarke Quay Festival village, is the biggest conservation project for the Singapore river, which was later owned and efficiently managed by CapitaLand.

The redesigned and re-developed shophouse facades, street scapes and river front dinning areas of Clarke quay, attract around 2 million visitors every year, which has made it a major tourist and social component of brand Singapore. The quay is installed with sophisticated shading and cooling systems, owing to the hot climate of the region, which reduce the ambience temperature by 4 degrees celcius. The manner in which the place is designed, tremendously enhances the beauty of the river front and streets. The project has been awarded with The Cityscape Architectural (Tourism, Travel and Transport- built) Review, in 2007 and The Cityscape award for the Best Waterfront Development, in 2008. The upgraded Clarke quay houses nightclubs like the Zirca, the Clinic and the Forbidden City by the Indochine Group, the whole development was completed in October 2006. The Clarke quay of today is totally different from the Clarke quay during its conservation and restoration period in 1993.

Today, the five blocks of restored warehouses of Clarke quay , house a number of restraurants and nightclubs. There are even Moored Chinese Junks (junks are ancient Chinese sailing vessels or ship design, still in use today) which have been refurbished into floating restaurants and pubs. The Cannery is one of the anchor tenants of the quay and has taken the Singaporean nightlife to a totally different level at Clarke Quay. Other notable restaurants and nightclubs include Hooters, a trade name for two privately held American restaurant chains: Hooters of America incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters Inc. based in Clearwater, Florida, the menu involves burgers, fresh seafood and chicken breasts, and IndoChine, a group of bars, resorts, clubs, villas and restaurants. It is characterized by a mélange of Contemporary Asian lifestyle, authentic cuisines, award winning designs and famed parties.

The Eye catching factors of Clarke Quay..

Another anchor tenant of the quay, the Arena, which is home to Singapore’s First Permanent Illusion show, starring J C Sums and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. Other attractions of the place include the G-Max reverse Bungee, first in Singapore, is located at the entrance to the quay. Designed in New Zealand, it has been recognized as one of Singapore’s “must do and must see” for all the daring souls in Singapore. Three people can easily sit in an open air capsule, which is then catapulted 60 meters into the air with a speed of 200 km/hr.

River taxis and Boat cruises are accessible from Clarke quay. One of its most popular attractions is its exciting hosts of CQ’s Signature events, happening once in every quarter. Housing happening nightclubs like the Zirca and up untill 2008, the Ministery of Sound, Clarke quay has come to be known as the hub of Singaporean nightclubs.

Clarke quay MRT station, an underground mass rapid transit station on the north east line in Singapore, also lies in the vicinity. A SOHO (small office/home office, a category of business or cottage industry, involving 1 to 10 workers) cum shopping centre, called the Central, opened above the MRT in 2007. Last but not least, G.O.D. Goods Of Desire, a lifestyle design and retail brand company based in Hong Kong, opened a 6000 square foot flagship store in the quay.

Come experience the irridecent colours, finger licking cuisines & rich culture. Get lost in the glitterati of glamour, join the nightlife of Singapore. Come to Clarke Quay !!

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