Camden Lock Market, London

Camden Lock Market, London

Whenever this place is talked about, people fall short of words in describing the beauty of this place, the mastery achieved by the people in this place that they got such great pieces of art and architecture constructed. I am talking about London, one of the most picturesque places in the world. The number of landmark monuments which this place homes are actually unending. Be it the beautiful Tower of London, the Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and many more.

camden lock entrance

Today the place that I am going to talk about is located in the Camden Town, near the Hampstead Road Lock. It is a market, which has a chain of retail shops constituting it and collectively being called the Camden Market or the Camden Lock Market. The market operates all the seven days of the week, beginning from 10:00 a.m. In the morning to 6:00 p.m. in the evening. The Camden Lock Market had begun way back in around 1950s.

brick lane market graffitti

The reason for it being so popular is that it remains open on Sundays as well. Not talking about the modern days ony, but back in the later twentieth century when many shops used to remain closed on Sundays due to some trade policies, this market was the only one which was available to the customers. The markets were set up as the retailed ones for selling things related to crafts. With time the market expanded and so did it’s products. Now they even sell clothes, accessories, books and many other items.

entrance of the stables market

Stable Market is the largest section of the Camden Lock Market. As the name suggests, it is located in the former Pickford Stables, which have served to act as stewards to horses for a long time. Stable Market is so large that sometimes it is considered to be a miniature of the Camden Lock Market. Back in 2006, when some restoration work was going on, a hall sort of a thing was constructed where vendors and other sellers could set up open stalls. In 2007, not much later, again some where,  development work took place and this section was done away with.

camden-stables-market entrance

Chain Trading is not allowed in the stalls in the Stable Market. There are a few stalls which are permanently eligible to set their stalls and run them. Rest all the stalls are hired on a daily basis. The aura and the kind of design that has been used to develop this Stable Market is quiet historically done. The new re- development programe that has been undertaken seeks to create a walk- path for the visitors, de- constructing that hall which was created between the Stable Market and the Camden Lock Market.

products displayed

Shopping, as we know is quiet incomplete without good food and drink. That to in markets like these, one constantly needs to have something to protect oneself from being dehydrated. When it comes to food, like in all other aspects Camden excels, in this also it does not at all lag behind to make the customers unhappy. From best of the vegetarian delicacies to the non- vegetarian one; any kind of platter with any kind of combination can be brought.

different stalls

Not only this, they provide a whole variety of different cuisines. Some of the famous ones are the Chin Chin Labs, Chula Café, Kim’s Vietnamese Hut and many more. Edibles like bubble tea, burgers, noodles are very frequently sold and bought. The drinks have all kind of tea and coffee, besides the other bevarages. All these food and drink items are easy to be carried and to be had while shopping and most importantly a customer does not need to stop shopping altogether to have the food.

food vendors

The name Camden Lock Market suggests that it is only meant for shopping due to the suffix market added to it but this is not true. There are several activities which keep taking place in this shopping hub. It is not just about shopping. The most different and attractive activity that takes place over here is the yoga session, which is popularly known as the Pop- Up yoga session. It has a particular schedule for the classes and the fees are also nominal, keeping in mind the importance of yoga in our lives these days. Moreover, when it has been estimated that depression is the second largest disease with which people will be inflicted after myocardial infarction in the world. The classes begin almost around 1 in the afternoon and continue roughly for about forty minutes.

outer view

Camden Lock Market is a must for all those people who cannot live without shopping and whom the modern world calls a ‘shopoholic. Not only this, one can also visit this place if he or she is interested in attending some classes or creative workshops. This market, which is the fourth largest in London to attract the visitors, pulls almost a crowd of 1,00,000 people on weekends. The legacy says it all. Any kind of stuff that you are short of will be available here and one can buy them without much ado. The market is well connected with the other parts of the city by various means of transportation, railway being the most prominent one.





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