The Bustling Markets of Hong Kong

The Bustling Markets of Hong Kong

The hustle bustle of this city is not only about the tall skyscrapers and the booming business ventures, but also the great markets that this place possesses. Yes, if you are thinking that I am talking about the busy markets in Hong Kong, then you probably got that right. Though it was a part of the British colony for over 99 years, it has been on a steady ship and has never degraded in any division. The cultural aspects of the city has always been on a high and this is supported by the beautiful markets of Hong Kong. These markets are talked about in almost all parts of the world and it has attained trade importance due to the revenue that it churns out to the GDP of the country. Some of the best markets that can be found in Kowloon, and a few small markets are available in the area surrounding the Hong Kong harbour as well.


These markets are well known for the togetherness that they bring about. Be it a wealthy businessman or a man of middle class background, people from all classes dine together in these markets. Apart from things to eat and drink, these markets also have something to buy and do some shopping.

To start with the markets, the best one that one would suggest is probably the Temple Street Night Market. Located in Mongkok, this market runs for several blocks and it adds to the nightlife of the place. However, this market is not very prominent just because it is open only in the night time. Except for this fact, everything in this market is to be awed. The market consists of everything form electronic goods to clothing. The flashing lights and the busy roadside food stalls are a sight to watch and one must say that these markets get really congested during the night. But though this problems are prominent, the very nature of the market is an eye catchy sight and people still go to the market for the fun that it provides.


So, if the night time market is not your thing, then the Tung Choi Street should definitely be your place. There is also the Ladies market, which is quite popular among the locals and the travellers alike. The sheer volume of goods sold in these markets in a period of time is astounding. Single shop owners provide a good turnover to their businesses and thus finally, it gives a big turnover to the nation’s economy as well. The most famous things that are sold in these markets are mostly electronic items as China has an upper hand in this field. However, the shop vendors stick to the price that they say and there is no question of bargain in these markets. Howsoever, this is a good deal to the buyers as the electronic items sold here are far cheaper that the items that are found in the other parts of the world. The only thing that the user has to be very careful about is that they should be able to differentiate between the original goods and the fake goods.

To have a better deed of shopping in the markets of Hong Kong, the hassle free market in the south side of the island of Hong Kong is the place to be. Located in the center of Stanley, this market is also known as the “Market for beginners” to the tourists. The customers are treated as god and there is more scope of bargaining with these vendors. It is also suggested to the tourists that the best place to do some shopping for souvenirs to get back home is here. As it is located in the seaside, it is a must for everyone to visit the sea shore in Hong Kong as it is considered to be one of the best in the world.


The market that is famous with people for those who do urban shopping as in the looks of New York, the best place to visit is the Sheung Wag market. Walking in the zig-zag roads of this market provides a great shopping experience. Another market that one should definitely visit in Hong Kong is the antiques market. The small miniature statues, lucky coins that you can gift your friends with, Etc. are available in this market and it gives you a great sense of shopping.'-Market_03

The best thing that you can find in all these markets are the eateries. All these markets that have been mentioned have the best possible food in the entire city and the way in which this food is served is also a point to be noted. The tradition is followed in each step of the food making process and there are no two shops providing food of different tastes with the same name. So, if you are shopaholic who likes to get out there and do some shopping, spend some time with your loved ones, have some mouth-watering food in the open air restaurants that are available in the markets, then the only destination that any travel expert would suggest you are definitely the Markets in Hong Kong!

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