The Best Beer Pubs, Brewpubs and Beer Garden in Berlin, Germany

The Best Beer Pubs, Brewpubs and Beer Garden in Berlin, Germany

B284_123995_0002Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It has termed itself famous by the city of beers. The city of Berlin has its identification done by offering variety of beers at vivid beer pubs and brew cafes on street. There would be beer available at every nook and corner of Berlin as beer is a part of German culture. It is a part of the basic necessity of the people residing there. There are beer gardens as well in Berlin. In order to embrace the culture of beer in Germany they even held beer festivals which lasts for 16-18 days and there is a river of beer pouring out in the city and the moment of enjoyment and fun begins for everyone.

Berliner-WeisseBerlin has many excellent brew houses that are worth a visit during your stay.  These are not just a great place to grab an excellent beer, but also somewhere to find quality food at reasonable prices. This small pubs and cafes offers excellent food and a small but good range of beers from all over Germany including Kolsch, Alt and Pils.  The food is of a good standard and served throughout the day.  They also offer an English menu that will help you select the food to go with your beer.

There are basic four types of beer categorized in Germany according to its fermentation quality and its taste. The beer is distinguished depending upon the color, taste, fermentation duration etc. the basic types of beers are Wheat Beers, Pale Beers, Dark Beers and Unfiltered beers. Berliner Weisse is one of the cloudy, sour, wheat beer found in Berlin. It is a regional beer mainly from Berlin which is in the southern part of Germany. It is the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin since 19th century and 700 breweries are its producers but by late 20th century there were only two breweries left in Berlin producing this specific beer and even in other parts of Germany.

Beer gardens are usually quite common in Berlin. Beer gardens known as ‘Biergarten’ in German is an outdoor area where local food, drinks and variety of beer are served openly and they are usually attached as beer hall, beer pubs or restaurants.



Pratergarten is considered to be the oldest of all the beer gardens in Berlin. Prater locates itself tucked off Kastanienalle submerged itself in between a mini forest of shady chestnut trees. Loyal patrons and many newcomers such as tourists are witnessed during summer and spring season which seats more than 300 seats. This old beer garden offers a niche selection of beers combined with a great selection of other beverages such as German and Australian wine which appeals all the palates. The restaurant menu includes authentic German delights which is typical Berlin style such as Schnitzel, Potato salad, mustard eggs and meatballs Koenigsberg style which pairs deliciously with a beer in the night.



Loretta is again a beer garden located in Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin and is again one of the oldest and most traditional beer gardens in Berlin. Loretta is famous for its legacy because of its gorgeous scenery and exceptional selection of German style beers, brews and grub. It presents itself to the guests who are hungry, thirsty and in search of relaxation with a beer garden and a redesigned restaurant. Not only the youngsters but even the oldies will enjoy every bit of this place and the tasty grill specialties in the summer and even the beautiful lake view.



Schleusenkrug is a typical classic style beer garden situated in a beautiful patch of woods at the western edge of the city’s central Tiergarten Park that is a zoo makes it good pick me up spot for families. Earlier this was nothing but a small kiosk along the river spree which originally spotted to parched boat passengers and pedestrians and quench their thirst with drinks and ice cream. The restaurant menu in here remains simple and loyal to its German roots serving barbecues as well. This garden has sitting for 70 people inside and for almost 500 outside.


Bierhof Rudersdorf

All the Berliners are very much keen to attend rave parties all night techno sessions in Berghain but  just right back of it is this garden comprises of a restaurant which has a smattering of pleasant foliage and ample of seating facility for exhausted clubbers and afternoon punk crowd. The garden offers a variety of grills which usually lights up at 6 in the evening and provides a range of barbecue dishes and the breakfast at 10 in the morning is very much popular. This garden explores the most colorful side of the Berlin city.



Schonwetter is situated at the Mauerpark. It is a very cool place to hang out with chilling and dancing on the highness of cocktails, barbecues and good music along. This is an open air-beer garden which is open only on Sundays. It can term itself as the best place to relax on a warm summer evening with beach chairs and hammocks. As there is a flea market organized every Sunday nearby with exquisite variety. The market begins at 3 in the noon with karaoke shows.


Brauhaus Suedstern


This beer garden is a brilliant artworkof brickwork ambiance in Kreuzberg brewery. It offers a unique atmosphere and comfortable wooden seating for about 180 guests and visitors. There is even a room for 60 visitors on the terrace facing the street.

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