Beijing Bites, Bangalore

Beijing Bites, Bangalore

beijingbBeijing Bites is a flourished restaurant located in the capital city of Karnataka, that is Bangalore or even known as Bengaluru. Beijing Bites gets its name after the capital city of China which is Beijing. It is an excellent value for money restaurant as it takes the pride of being the only Thai and Chinese cuisine in Bangalore and has flourished itself all over prime locations of the city. It is one of the largest chain restaurant in Bangalore and it has 36 branches all over the city and is continuing to spread even more over the period of time.

Beijing Bites is an affordable restaurant which offers and is inspired by Chinese and Thai cuisines. They serve contemporary styles of Chinese and Thai cuisines cooked to its perfection by the finest chefs in the country available. They provide their customers with a wholesome, healthy and the pureness of authentic food. This quality of Beijing Bites is the cornerstone of their chain of restaurants.

chicken steamed

The restaurant, Beijing Bites have been serving the citizens of Bangalore since last twelve years with their delightful delicacies from far-east and because of which in today’s era it is known for its detectable pan Asian Flavors offered and served. This restaurant is Bangalore’s leading Chinese and Thai cuisine restaurant with its in all 36 outlets in the city’s prominent areas and it has established its presence at major malls and tech-parks. As this restaurant being in almost every neighborhood of Bangalore, Beijing Bites is always and forever loved by all the sections of the city’s society. Keep the choice, wants, tastes and preferences of the customer’s choice and satisfaction in mind, all the dishes prepared in here are set to perfection and served with great care and dedication to quality. They would never compromise on the quality of the food which is to be served as all the ingredients used for the preparation of the dishes is of superior quality and are sourced from the best vendors.

Beijing Bites at mallsAt Beijing Bites, they not only provide the visitors with a range of oriental cuisines but also attach a great value for money which offers affordable and nutritious dining offers with variety of options attached to it. As this restaurant is very much affordable a meal for two can be accomplishes within 200-400 Indian rupees. The operating time for this restaurant is 11.a.m. to 3.30.p.m. and 7.p.m. to 11.p.m. whereas in malls and tech-parks the timing varied from 11.a.m. to 11.p.m.

beijing_bitesIts pride itself is it being a  New age Chinese and Thai cuisine restaurant due to its simple and yet a pleasing decor. The ambiance of the restaurant is very much authentic. Its cozy ambiance consists of soothing blue upholstery and filled with Buddha figurines which helps to have a sigh of relief from the madness and raging crowd of the city. The good food and excellent service at Beijing Bites is extremely popular among the young crowd as it is prompt and doesn’t let the hungry lads pang their thrive for a long time. It is cheaper to the pockets and very much affordable to all.

chili basil chickenThe specialty dishes of this restaurant includes the steamed dishes, Chopsueys and Chowmeins. It even includes fried prawns, Lemon Basil chicken, the Thai red curry, Crispy Peking Lamb, Hunan Tofu, Dragon rolls with garlic sauce, Chili chowmein, Stir fried Broccoli, Mafu Tofu, Phad Thai, Mixed Fuyong, Spinach chicken, chicken steak in Szechwan sauce, dish in picked chili sauce, prawn Koi Thai and lots of other dishes are offered in the menu over here as the specialty dishes. Whereas Lemon Basil Chicken and Thai curry are the signature dishes.

beijing_bites_vijay_nagar1The restaurants is air conditioned and takes reservations and bookings for the table in advance. They even welcome walk-in visitors in the restaurants. This restaurant serves not only vegetarian but also non-vegetarian food but they also offer an option of pure vegetarian restaurants at some its branches. It even offers variety of beverages and desserts as well. They have the facility of parking for the visitors with vehicles. This place is termed to be the best for young groups and kids who would like to treat their friends for lunch or dinner. It is even advisable for birthday parties and celebration of various occasions. They even provide take out and home delivery services. Beijing Bites s own catering service scheme for big parties and occasions.

The payment option offered here in the restaurant can be done with the help of hard cash. Even the option of Visa, MasterCard is open for the payment of bills. The customers can use the facility of AMEX, coupons, food coupons, debit cards and other category of cards in their convenience as is convenient for them. Thus the restaurant is proved to be flexible as well in terms of payment issues.

beijing bitesThe basic goal of this restaurant is to keep the customers happy and they would end up coming back again and again. If someone happens to be a Chinese lover than this is the best place to be suggested to visit in Bangalore. Being a socially aware and established restaurant it likes to keep a check on the impact of their business on the environment and they are committed to using environmentally viable methods. This restaurant can be proved as an ultimate experience for the consumption of authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine in Bangalore.

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