Beach park, Fortaleza Brazil

Beach park, Fortaleza Brazil

BeachParkFortalezaBrazilBrazil already being such an attraction of its own there are addition to its explicit beauty is the Beach Park which is a water-park and a tourist resort situated on the serene beach named Porto das Dunas under the observation of Aquiraz in the metropolitan region of Brazil, Fortaleza. This beach park resort is the most popular and leading tourist attraction destination in Brazil. The Beach Park is the largest water park in Latin America. This park is a mixture of Water Park also known as Aquatic Park, resorts and beach restaurants. It welcomes almost million visitors every year and cherish a beautiful stay in here.

beach-park-wellness-resortBeach Park is termed as an eye candy for the tourists and visitors as it have great options for resorts and accommodation so that the tourist could send not only one but couple of days and flourish the splendid time in the park. The Beach Park Suites Resort is one of the resorts which is located right inside the Beach Park complex and consists of 182 seaside view apartments to be rented. The Oceanic Beach Park Resort is the one which has its location alongside the Porto das Dunas beach. It has 131 rooms but has the capacity of accommodating 300 guests. The restaurant has an ocean side view to it and this resort is just 500, meters away from the Park making it more convenient for the travelers as there will be personalized daily transport facility given to them. The Beach Park Aqua Resort is a multipurpose resort which includes a fitness center, tennis court, kids club, restaurant pool bar and an infinity pool. Aqualink is an artificial river which is constructed to transport the guests directly inside the Beach Park. The most popular one in here is the Beach Park Wellness Resort because facilities which are ten times superior to others and has 90 special rooms designed especially for families.

The restaurants famous inside the Beach Park are The Beach Park Praia Restaurant which is an open air ocean facing restaurant and offers Northeastern traditional Brazilian cuisine. The casual lounge kind of an attraction is the Wave Bar which offers beverages, hot-dogs and snacks for a leisure time hangout. Beer is available inside the park at Beach Kebabe and has variety of meat and cheese which is skewered, cassava dumplings and many other variety of food eatables and one more outlet known as Beach burger offering hamburgers, soft drinks as well as beer. There is a café inside names Sarcoffee and one restaurant which is famous for variety of seafood names as Beach Grill.


As this exquisite place being a water park it has various types of water rides and attractions to it. There are rides which are suitable for families.  Another ride or can also be called as a live show of water known as Acqua Show features a giant bucket which drops down almost 1800 liters of water at a time and slashing the people with it as it has combined synchronized jets. There are eight water slides attached to it and fourteen cannons which splits into six platforms. It has a capacity of loading almost 300 people of all ages on to itself.

Acqua CircoAcqua Circo is a representation of a big circus with a shallow central pool covered by two stylized tarpaulins provides protection from the sun rays to the visitors and they can enjoy the ride care free and without any disturbance from the suns heat. It is a water circle and is a kind of a ride which offers a variety of cannons, showers, fountains, slides, tunnels, fixed peddle boats and seesaws.

insano-beach-park-brazil-2In 1989, the Insano was constructed in the Beach Park which previously was known for its height and held a special place in the Guinness Books of World record for World’s tallest Water Slide bearing a height of 135 feet. It was the tallest until Kilimanjaro at Aldeia das Aguas Park resort in Rio de Janeiro at 193 feet was constructed.

arripus Arrepius is one of the latest ride added to the Beach Park resort which is a collection of water slides that features the one and only skybox in Brazil. It has five different descents which is a transparent capsule situated 25 meters above from the park resort. The descent begins as the floor capsule drops open with the help of a button as soon as it is pressed to release the capsule.

The ride which id exclusively constructed for kids known as Arca de Noe translated as Noah’s ark comprises of ten attractions related to water rides which includes 3 ramps, 2 mushroom showers , a large shower and a number of spraying nozzles which excited the kids to spent their entire time in here. Other explicit rides include Correnteza Encantada which is translated as enchanted current, IIha de Tesouro which means a Treasure Island, Maremoto, Tchibum and several others.

fortaleza-brazil-beach-park-resortAddition featured to this resort offers a beach for the babies so as to give parents a time out from their kids and spend some quality time together. It offers kids clubs as well where a child in between age group of 7 to 13 can participate in sports and other activities in order to educate, make the kid interactive and even ensure safety to them. The beach also has facilities like Spa and Sauna, Massages for relaxation, Hammocks, sports court, Tennis courts, Fitness centers, Surfing lessons for all, Theater, game room, Internet café and wet bars, Convenience store and even laundry services for the families staying there.

All in all this resort is a treat to kids and even to families as a whole. It offers almost everything needed for a family to enjoy at vacation and have a blast sparing unlimited memories to remember and cherish after leaving the place.

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