5 Reasons to Stay in Summit Ridge Tagaytay This Holiday Season

5 Reasons to Stay in Summit Ridge Tagaytay This Holiday Season

Tagaytay is one of the Philippine’s most popular tourist destinations not only because of its cool climate, but also because it as many beautiful and exquisite spots or places that everybody would love to visit and spend special moments for a holidays with the whole family. Tagaytay overlooks the breathtaking view of Taal Lake in Batangas, the fascinating Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake and other wonderful places of Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is located close to the busy and crowded city of Manila. Its cool climate makes Tagaytay a perfect place where people who want to escape the heat of the busy city would always want to go.

TagaytayTagaytay City is the home of the famous Summit Ridge Tagaytay. It is a hotel which was perfectly crafted by architects and engineers to create a masterpiece. The Summit Ridge Tagaytay is a hotel and a convention center rolled into one and is owned and operated by the Robinsons Land Corporation. It has 108 rooms and 2 bedroom suites. Each room has its own balcony which gives their guest a chance to view the Taal volcano.

As you stay in one of the rooms of the Summit Ridge Tagaytay you’ll be amazed to see a fascinating view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Each room of the hotel is graced by a balcony which gives a panoramic view of the world’s smallest and active volcano.

With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner, many people are already booked to spend their holidays in this exquisite hotel. The hotel can also be a perfect venue for a Christmas party and other important events and celebrations. People who have already visited the hotel will never forget the wonderful experience they have shared and spent at the Summit Ridge Tagaytay. These people will always have good words to say about the hotel and their staff.

There are one hundred and one good reasons why you should stay in the Summit Ridge Hotel especially during this holiday season. As early as November, you can already feel and smell the air that the Christmas Holidays can bring. Everybody involved in the hotel operation is in the festive mood as they prepare the whole place for the Christmas season. The whole staff of the Summit Ridge Hotel sees to it that every detail that can make the hotel guests comfortable should be well taken care of. All of these preparations are reasons enough that can make anybody want to stay in Summit Ridge Tagaytay for the Holiday Season.

One good reason why you should stay in the Summit Ridge Tagaytay is to escape the heat or hot temperature in the busy cities. The Tagaytay’s temperature is cool and is just perfect for a vacation spree in this prestigious hotel.

During ordinary days the hotel offer delicious foods for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the Christmas Holidays they double or triple their treat to give their guests a delicious and yummy food to celebrate Christmas. For instance, the C2 Classic Cuisine has prepared something great for you for the Christmas Eve dinner. They serve different menus and delicacy of different countries that you will surely enjoy eating. Their main courses and side dishes include mouthwatering menu of pork, chicken, beef and seafoods that you’ll find so hard to resist. They have salads that come in different varieties. They also have tasty pastries, mouthwatering cakes, candies and tarts and drinks on a Christmas Eve.

After the Christmas Eve celebration, the whole staff is now set for the New Years’ celebration. The C2 Classic Cuisine has set everything for a festive New Years’ Eve celebration. They have a wide selection of food and drinks that you can enjoy as you welcome the New Year. They have Lechon, roasted chickens, meatballs and other delicious and yummy foods that you can think of.

They have fruit cakes, Black Forest Cakes, pastilles and a wide selection of fruits to complete your New Years’ Day celebration.

A cold Christmas and New Year morning breakfast can be heartwarming as you indulge yourself with the hearty breakfast prepared by C2 Classic Cuisine. They have a wide selection of breads and pastries, soups, cereals and desserts. They also have an omelet, salad and pancakes for breakfast. Christmas and New Year breakfast menu are not the same. They have different menus and preparations uniquely prepared for each celebration.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay2Staying in a place or a hotel which can give you a “Home away from home” feeling can make you stay in that place for as long as you want (if you’re not tight on your budget). This is what the guests of the famous Summit Ridge Hotel would feel.

The Summit Hotel has a complete facilities and amenities that their guests can use. Guests of this famous hotel can enjoy its world class spa, gym, pool and indoor courts for badminton and basketball.

Make your night exciting as you party and dance at the hotel elegant ballrooms and function rooms where you will be serenaded by the hotels fantastic musicians.

The Summit Ridge Hotel is also the perfect venue for a convention and important business meetings. It can also be a suitable place for a celebration or an event.

As the Christmas Holidays approaches you still have all time in the world to get accommodation for an exciting holiday season at the Summit Ridge Tagaytay.

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