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Yuanyang County, China Yuanyang County, China

Yuanyang County,Yunnan,China THE CHINESE RICE TERRACES Yuanyang County,Yunnan,China Yuanyang County is a home to the world’s biggest and most splendid terraced rice fields in the world which have been cultivated for Hani people.This is located to 326 kilometers to the South of Kunming which is the capital city of Yunnan Province.These are situated on the…
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Abode of Buddhism, Mogao Caves, China Abode of Buddhism, Mogao Caves, China

This place stands to be at the crossroads of cultural, religious and intellectual crossroads, along the Silk Route, China. Also known as the ‘Caves of the Thousand Buddhas’, the Magao Caves is a chain of 492 temples. These caves have been marked as site of World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations. The land on…
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Canola-Flower-Field-China GOLDEN SEA OF CANOLA FLOWERS The Canola Flowers in China are the most fascinating view  in the world.The flowers which are spread widely with yellow rapeseed flowers looks like a golden sea from a distant view.The Canola Flower Fields are located in small Luoping of Yunnan,Eastern China which crosses the Nankun Railway and No…
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Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam’s relic Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam’s relic

The Vietnam war left behind paged of history, radical defense systems and war strategies that was wholly the invention of the Vietnamese. The singular conception of all these put together is what remains today as the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam. These tunnels that cover the length of a whole city under the was literally,…
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Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey: In Healing Waters Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey: In Healing Waters

Ancient Civilisations have always been of much interest to the history geek. And when historical value, natural beauty and myths of miraculous properties come together to describe a particular place, there is no doubt in the fact that the travel enthusiast is automatically attracted to it. One such place of interest is the fabled Cleopatra’s…
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