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Restaurants in Angeles City Restaurants in Angeles City

Angeles City’s strategic location has helped the city become a famous Entertainment Capital of the Philippines. Angeles City is also one of the fastest-growing cities outside Metro Manila. It is located near the Clark Freeport Zone and Subic Freeport Zone, which are both economic Zones which can get the attention of some of the world’s…
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Of French Cuisine: Quiche Of French Cuisine: Quiche

  Quiche, full of Italian flavors and herbs is a perfect crispy creamy treat for dinners and snacks. Quiche is an open faced Italian baked dish with the crust and stuffings of cream, cheese, custard, meat, seafood and exotic vegetables. Quiche is a perfect treat for all Italian food lovers who loves baked cheese and…
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Montego Bay Montego Bay

Also popular as MoBay, Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. The city nestled between the gentle slopes of Bogue, Kempshot and Salem Hills is the capital of the parish of St. James (one among the 14 parishes of Jamaica). According to history, Christopher Columbus reached the bay in 1494 and called it…
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Of Spain and Spanish Delicacy: Churros Of Spain and Spanish Delicacy: Churros

Churros conned by chocolate dip is a perfect traditional Spanish treat. Churros is a deep fried sweet treat, served in breakfast, snacks or even desserts. It’s a perfect relish for people having a sweet tooth. Churro is a deep fried dough pastry. They are long star shaped, just like bread sticks. Served hot with the…
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Donuts: The Sweet Treat Everyone’s Mad Over Donuts: The Sweet Treat Everyone’s Mad Over

Nothing can be more delightful and fascinating than grabbing a donut during childhood. A sweet chocolaty treat which is more delicious than its attracting and tempting look, appeal everyone to indulge in the sweet sin. Donut is also known as doughnut and is a fried dough confectionery with different types and flavors of frosting which…
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Positano, Italy Positano, Italy

An important port of the Amalfi Republic in the past, Positano is today a sophisticated resort set amidst the rocks on the central Amalfi coast in Campania, Italy. It is a small picturesque village with splendid coastal views. The coast’s most photogenic town is a magical world with peach, pink and terracotta coloured steeply stacked…
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