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Riding the urban pulse, Shinjuku Riding the urban pulse, Shinjuku

Resonating the digital pulse of the modern world, the district of Shinjuku is at the heart of Japan’s ultra-modern. This buzzing, aglow microcosm of colors and sub-cultures is one of the world’s most loved city squares. But we’re not new acquaintances with either of these places. Sure the name sounds unfamiliar, but we’ve seen it…
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Notre Dame, France Notre Dame, France

Notre Dame Cathedral,Paris Notre Dame Cathedral,Paris Hunchback of Notre Dame,France is one of the popular and greatest monument in the capital of French and is recorded in the World Heritage list.It is a unforgettable masterpiece with gothic architecture. Location and Architecture: The Notre Dame is situated in the geographical and popular historical centre of Paris…
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The Victoria and Albert Museum, London The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Housing a permanent collection of 4.5 million objects, the Victoria and Albert Museum also known as the V&A, London, is the world’s largest museum dedicated to Decorative Art and Design. The museum was built in the year 1852 and was christened thus after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The V&A is located in the Brompton…
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Pune: The Queen of the Deccan Pune: The Queen of the Deccan

Pune is considered as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is also the second largest state. In the ancient period, the city was the home of the Maratha leader ‘Shivaji Maharaj’.  Pune has been famous for almost everything possible in India. It consists of numerous educational institutions and is also considered as ‘The Oxford of…
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The city of temples: Bishnupur, India The city of temples: Bishnupur, India

In the Bankura district of West Bengal lies a town so steeped in history that once you step on to the red soil, you are transported to a different world, where time stands still and stories of an age gone by blows in the wind. Bishnupur, situated about 160 km away from Kolkata, is a…
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Illuminated Caves – Okinawa,Japan Illuminated Caves – Okinawa,Japan

Beautiful Gyokusendo cave_Okinawa,Japan To the south of Okinawa there is a beautiful illuminated cave named Gyokusendo Cave,this cave occupies the second largest position among these series of caves in Japan.Inside the cave it is well maintained and the walking paths are comfortable and well lit.It is located in the southern park of Okinawa and it is…
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