World Of Coco- Cola Museum, Georgia, USA

World Of Coco- Cola Museum, Georgia, USA

The  world’s most popular beverage making company, coca cola has its headquarter in  Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia is also famous for its world  of coca cola  museum situated at Pemberton place ( named in honor of John Pemberton, the inventor of coca cola)  in the Georgia city. it is a permanent exhibition of featuring history of the coca cola company.  It is well known for advertising and as a host of entertainment areas and attraction opened in may 2007. The original world of coca cola was in the heart of Atlanta opened in 1991 and was the most visited attraction door with 9 million visitors. The museum is located in a one story pavilion and its entrance had a huge blue coca cola sign. A series of 10 galleries trace the history of coca cola from its 1886 debut at Jacob’s pharmacy in the downtown Atlanta to its current worldwide fame.


The tour stated on the top floor and worked downward featuring approximately 1,000 coca cola artifacts presented in the chronological order and by a video presentation which shows that :every days of your life” about coke around the world. The highlight of the tour is the tour of the world and spectacular fountain allowing visitors to sample various coke products and to try 22 different brands -Cola Company around the world. There was also a gift shop.

When you enter your mind may have the image of an exposition showing the world’s most popular soft drink, world of coca cola sounds like a huge coke commercial and it is. It is also one of the biggest attractions of the city. The museum has a massive collection of coca cola memorabilia, along with numerous interactive displays, high-tech exhibition, an art gallery and video presentation.


The tour begin with the The lobby it tells the real story behind the world’s most popular beverage. coca cola loft it sign that immerse yourself in the rich heritage of coca cola surrounded by artifacts from yesterday and today. the preshow in the memorabilia laden coca cola loft, which includes the oldest artifact, a 1905 “drink coca cola” Christmas bell decoration, advertising the fizzy beverage for 5 dollar. It also features the large coca cola bottles made from different materials from around the world.  Music heard there in the background is a world music style medley of 10 Coke jingles from the last 60 years arranged by Stephen James Taylor. From here, visitors get entrance to happiness factory theater, where a short film gives them a glimpse into the magic behind every bottle of coke. happiness factory theater Journey to a magical world inside a Coke machine and learn the five lessons of Happy fiction. It currently advertise “open happiness” campaign. visitors can also see the vault of the secret formula, which tells  Learn about the legend of the secret formula for Coca-Cola. For 125 years coca cola putting its secret formula into each bottle of coca cola. Now it invites the visitors to feel closer than ever before to coca cola’s most closely guarded trade secret and learn about the intrigue behind the secret formula in its new vault of the formula. You can learn about origin, mystery and magic surrounding  the story of the secret formula. coca cola polar bear which positively shows how the coca cola system benefits people and communities around the world. This museum gives to the visitors an opportunity to meet the coca cola polar bear and have their photo taken with them. Adults and kids alike are mesmerized by the the bottle work exhibit, a working bottling line that allows visitors to stand in the midst of the process, watch for the small glass bottles to be filled and then be sure to pick up one as your free souvenir before leaving. Milestones of refreshment, Explore the fascinating story of The Coca-Cola Company in an engaging walk through history then bottle works it tells get an inside look at the bottling process. The bottling process is slowed down significantly to allow guests an easier view.


At the upper level of the museum visitors can visit the hub, from this point upward visitors can visit various attractions in whatever order they choose. A number of attractions can be posed for a picture with coca cola mascot and the coca cola bear The secret formula 4 d theater airs a film featuring an eccentric scientist on a quest to uncover the mysterious secret formula for coke and. The tour ends in the massive gift shop which sells a mind boggling array of coca cola logo items and everything from t- shirt to coke polar bears. The seats in the theatre move and the attraction features wind and water effects.


Then In the Pop cultural gallery shows how fans of coca cola made the brand an icon of popular culture.  guests gain insight into Coca-Cola’s influence into popular culture. This section includes trinkets and memorabilia made from used Coca-Cola cans and bottles, as well as an array of Coca-Cola themed collectible items. Work by many artists such norman Rockwell, howard finster and steve penley are on display. now world of coca cola is famous for its new special exhibition. from 1928 to 1935, the coca cola company commissioned norman rokwll to creat 6 oil paintings. Of these 6 paintings 3 are in company’s hand and now are on display at the world of coca cola first time. Three original artworks- barefoot boy, out fishin and concert on the steps. Then the prefect pause theater which display coca cola’s television advertising throughout the years.

The upper level includes everyone’s favorite exhibit — Taste It!. where visitors can have free samples of more than 60 soft drink products from around the world. The world coca cola premier is the latest premiere location where you can experience coca cola freestyle- offers 100 different flavors around the world it offers like its various varieties coca cola cherry coke, cherry vanilla, diet coke coca cola zero, caffeine free diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, mellow yellow, barq’s, pibb, dasani, fanta, hi-c, powerade and seagram’s. There is also a coca cola freestyle self serve machine which can dispense a visitor’s choice of over 100 carbonated and non carbonated beverages produced by the company. where guests retrieve them as they exit the museum. This museum welcomes 1 million visitors every year.


Coca cola company has its other exhibition location like club cool in Walt Disney, world of coca cola las Vegas, world of coca cola Tokyo but it closed on January, 2007. The World of Coca-Cola exhibits are meant to entertain, inspire, and educate to the visitors about the history and present of coca cola. It is attractive because of its history, antique and worldwide goods This is the place where you can enjoy with more madness. If you get the chance you Must visit the real world of coca cola.

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