The Wonderful Skyline of Singapore

The Wonderful Skyline of Singapore

Tourism in Singapore has always been on the high, especially with the government of Singapore putting in so many aspects into its tourism base to capitalise on the huge money at stake, I would say that the money is going to boom in the next few years to come. With an inflow of more than 13 Lakh tourists into the city every year, and the number increasing at a good rate every year, I would personally suggest that Singapore is a must visit to the travel enthusiasts around the globe. Enjoying the lowest crime rates for a record number of years is not an easy task, especially in a city of this scale and that too with so many cultural differences. Though the government of Singapore has taken so many steps to preserve the natural history of the country, the concrete and the glass exteriors that form the beauty to the skyline of Singapore is still a beautiful sight to see. The massive number of people being moved in the Mass Rapid Transit System is a classical example as to how efficient the government here is.


The wonderful skyline that stands tall in the city of Singapore can be viewed in a number of convenient ways, so as to make sure that the tourists can select from the different options that are available to them. The different bus fleets that are made available to the tourists are the Scania L94UB, Scania K280IB, Scania K230UB to name a few. These buses provide the best view possible to the tourists and the best part about these buses are that these buses are Open-Top, which gives the tourists the most amazing breath-taking views possible. There is also the fleet of Volvo B9TL Optare Visionaire buses which add to the luxury of choosing the buses which are best.


More than using the buses, there are a lot of other options to take a look at the amazing skyline as well. Yes, the second bust way to take a look at the skyline in Singapore are the water ways. The boat rides on the Singapore River are the best way to get away from the hustling atmosphere of the city. The calm waters of the River provide the ideal atmosphere for to have a wonderful time with your loved ones.


Another way to enjoy the glooming lights in the Skyline is the Quays along the riversides. The Boat Quay is one of the two quays which is located in the mouth of the Singapore River in the upstream side of it. The amazing views from the bars, pubs and the restaurants are extremely famous among the locals and the travellers as well. As a matter of fact, these restaurants have been preserved over time and the exact nature of these establishments are lauded for. With the number of Indians on the rise every year, a lot of Hindi Pubs have rooted along the riverside and a lot of these pubs play Bollywood numbers and glorious dancers from India dance for rhythm.


Another important Quay in Singapore is the Clarke Quay, which is known for the pumped up parties that it produces. This Quay is situated in the mouth of the Singapore River as well but it is located even further upstream the River. The warehouses which were once considered to be a waste, have now been converted into buzzing markets where antiques are sold. There are also the pubs and the restaurants which are basically moored junks from China, refurbished to form these places of economic interest. However, this Quay is not at the best of its business owing to pressure from its counterparts in the Boat Quay. However, being located in the riverside is an added advantage, as people come here to have a look at the skyline which is beautifully reflected in the river water, if not to enjoy the bars and pubs in these Quays.

One of the most important steps that the government has taken in Singapore is the rejuvenation of the city to meet up to the immense competition provided by the other major Asian Cities. The city has been provided with a whole new lighting system which gave the city a whole new dimension. Another important step that the government has introduced is to improve the skyline of the Central Business District. The feature of this new development would be that the skyline would be lit up with best in class neon lighting which would change from time to time and it has been programmed in such a way to make sure that it changes with seasons. The waterfronts were also provided with a facility to view this lighting. Shows are also held every week to make show off the beauty of this lighting. One of the main attractions that was focussed on was the development of the Marina Bay as an ultra-modern financial hub. 3-D signboards and bashing lights were provided to show off this place as a place of financial strength and also an integrated resort was built for the people to enjoy the luxury that the place provided. The Hanging Pool in the Mariana Bay is an example of the financial strength of the government of Singapore.
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