Varied and Vibrant: Vancouver, Canada

Varied and Vibrant: Vancouver, Canada

City of Vancouver in Canada from the perspective of tourism is extremely varied. The city has different set of sites to different kinds of travelers. For those looking to explore the cultural heritage of this city and elsewhere, there are museums and theaters galore. The numerous bridges in Vancouver are popular tourist attractions as they are all architectural achievements. The Capilano Suspension Bridge for instance is a Vancouver landmark. Various parks, beaches, mountains, and the rain-forests provide with places that have stunning natural beauty. Vancouver then has a synchronization of history, of culture and nature in the various tourist attractions that the city has to offer.

Theaters and Museums

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Famous theaters in Vancouver include the Vogue Theater and the Queen Elizabeth Theater. Places like Museum of Anthropology, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and Museum of Vancouver are several museums that are worth visiting. Vancouver Aquarium is also famous, as it contains around 70,000 aquatic species from all sorts of topography. For art lovers and those who appreciate modern art, there is the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Vancouver Art Gallery


For truly interested visitors it is an amazing place, and an entire day can be devoted to see the paintings on display. Satellite Visitor Center within the gallery is useful source in terms of information etc. The museum boasts of an impressive collection of contemporary art, both national and international.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Pattulle, Port Mann, Lions Gate, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge are some of the remarkable bridges around the city. Built in 1899, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most famous tourist spots in Vancouver. The 137 m long bridge sways some 70 m above the Capilano River. Walking over the bridge is an adventure in itself. In addition to this are also the Capilano Suspension Park, and also Treetops Adventure and the Cliffwalk. The Park has a collection of totem poles, and it is heeded as the largest private collection worldwide. Many events like Canyon Lights, Raptors Ridge etc are organized on a seasonal basis in the park. From a cultural and ecological point of view too, this park is a valued destination. The entertainers in the park are costumed in those dating back to the time of the bridge’s inception. Similarly many guided nature tours are available.


In the Cliffwalk, a series of slender bridges form a maze of sorts and follow the Capilano River. These bridges and stairs provide a passage into and a chance to explore the neighboring sections of the rain-forests. Treetops Adventure also consist of suspension bridges, total of seven in number, they are some 100 feet high and joined to the older and sturdier trees. It also gives a chance to explore the rain-forests at a close range. Walking on these bridges surrounded by the spectacular scenery is memorable in itself.


Bridge, Stanley Park

Vancouver is an architecturally advanced city, with modern bridges and concrete structures everywhere. But that does not imply that the city has no green cover. Many parks within the city’s hustle and bustle provide a peaceful haven. Lynn Canyon Park, Hastings Park, Queen Elizabeth Park are some of the major parks in the city of Vancouver. Stanley Park is one of the most famous parks as well as tourist attraction. Horse-Drawn Tours are organized in the Stanley Park and is very famous among outsiders as well as local visitors.

Horse Drawn Tours

This one hour guided tour on carriages designed in the old styles gives one the sense of stepping back in time a bit. Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden is another popular site. Its importance is due to the fact that outside of China, this is said to be the first bona fide Chinese Garden built anywhere in the world. The lawns here are exceptionally well maintained. The peace within the walls of the garden, the harmonious coming together of different elements, the architectural specimens, rocks and fountains all create a beautiful aura.

Chinese Garden

Beaches and Island

Jericho and Kitsilano are two of the most prominent and beautiful beaches. Kitsilano beach is more popularly called the Kits Beach. Besides the usual beach activities of sunbathing and swimming, you can also indulge in playing beach side volleyball or tennis. Various adventure water sports are also organized here; these beaches are particularly suitable for windsurfing and skim boarding. The seawall near Kits Beach is another scenic tourist destination. Running parallel to city’s waterfront, this charming pathway provides spectacular views of the city of Vancouver.

Granville Bridge

Granville Island is another unique tourist attraction. A visit to this island provides one with a sense of visiting a carnival or a town straight out of the old times. The Public Market on the island is a treat for all food lovers. From fresh ingredients to Italian, Greek and Japanese delicacies all are available within the narrow alleys of this island.

Market, Granville Island

Street music is another feature that adds a different dimension to Granville. The island also hosts the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Besides this many other festivals are organized here, and the place during the festive seasons is a visual delight. The island also houses many artisans, making the shops here very colorful and distinctive. Granville Island is an extremely photogenic island which has something to offer to visitors of all ages.


Grouse Mountain Skyride

The Most famous mountain, which also is popular among tourists, is the Grouse Mountain. The Grouse Mountain Skyride is very famous owing to the fact that it is the largest aerial tram system within North America. The ride takes you to an elevation of 3700 feet, and the views of the surrounding picturesque landscape and of the bustling city in the distance are truly spectacular. There is a Wildlife Refuge atop Mount Grouse.  A large wind turbine, called the Eye of the Wind, provides one with a chance to get atop a twenty storey high tower. The entire city of Vancouver, the mountain range at a distance, and the sea all are visible from this incredible height. The views from here are absolutely amazing and breathtaking.

Skiing, Vancouver

In winters many sports activities are made available here, these include skiing, ice skating, snowboarding among others. There are also panoramic hiking trails like the Grouse Grind, and the trekking trail around Blue Grouse Lake. The surrounding natural beauty makes this a must visit place in Vancouver.

View from Grouse Mountain

City of Vancouver has a lively and vibrant commingling of nature and culture. The various tourist attractions here display abundantly a city that is truly alive and animated.

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