Topkapi Palace, Turkey

Topkapi Palace, Turkey

The Topkapi palace is the largest palace in Istanbul, turkey. This royal palace was used for sittings for state occasion and royal entertainment now this place is a major tourist destination containing important holy relics of the Muslim world, including Mohammed’s SAW clock and sword. Topkapi palace is among the monuments contained within the historic areas of Istanbul, which became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985.


The palace,  best known for ottoman architecture.  it contains large collection of historical objects, robes, weapons, shields and weapons ,is considered as a home of 4000 people, complex of this palace consists of 4 main courtyards, harems and many similar looking buildings, interconnected with galleries and passages, surrounded by high walls. This palace located on the seraglio point, one of the highest points close to the sea. Total size of complex around 592,600 square meter.


Starting with The imperial gate is the entrance to the palace and first courtyard. All the four courtyards lead to entrance to each other. The first courtyard consisting of purely functional structure of royal time is an outer precinct or park is the largest of all the courtyards. Than the gate of salutation, through which only the passage of sultan was allowed leads to second courtyard. This crenelated gate has two large octagonal pointed towers. This gate is richly decorated on the both sides and in upper part with the religious inscriptions and monograms of sultans upon passing the imperial gate, the visitors enters second courtyard, which is a park full of peacocks and gazelles, used for gatherings. at the end of second courtyard gate of felicity made entry to 3rd courtyard.


The gate of felicity, the ceiling is partly painted and gold leafed with a golden ball hanging from the middle, in past no one could pass this get without permission of sultan has a doe supported by marble pillars. Beyond the gate of felicity is the 3rd courtyard also called inner palace, regarded as heart of palace. It has audience hall surrounded by  a colonnade of 22 columns, supported the large roof with hanging eaves, inside is the throne room with dome, the ceiling of the hall painted in ultramarine blue and studded with golden stars. Than the dormitory of the expeditionary force houses the imperial wardrobe collection with a valuable costume collection of about 2,500 garments of sultan and uniforms and robes worked in silver and gold thread.

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Than visitors can visit to the Imperial council has multiple entrances both from inside the palace and from the courtyards. The porch consists of multiple marbles and porphyry pillars with an ornate green and white colored wooden ceiling decorated with gold. The tower of justice located between the imperial council and the harem having several stories high and tallest in the palace and the arm collection, one of the richest assemblages of Islamic arms in the world. Currently on exhibition are some 400 weapons. Than the imperial treasury contains the vast collection of work of art and jewelry belonging to ottoman dynasty. the objects exhibited in imperial treasury is made of gold, decorated with rare jams, cut diamonds and other precious materials. The most eye catching jewel in the third room is the spoonmaker’s diamond set in a silver and surrounded in two ranks with 49 cut diamonds and among the exhibition the two large golden candle holders, each weighing 48 kg and mounted with 6, 666 cut diamonds than the fourth room consisting of throne of sultan in Indian style decorated with pearls and emeralds.


Than opposite to treasury is another set of wonder, the holy relics in the suite of the felicitous cloak also called sacred safekeeping rooms. At the entry notice carved door from the kabba in mecca. To the left side a room contains the prophet Mohammed’s footprint in  clay and the sword of the prophet david.  Visitors can also have look to the kitchens of the palace. The palace kitchens consists of 10 dome buildings for providing food to 4, 000 peple with as many as 6000 meals a day could be prepared. Around 10, 700 pieces of Chinese porcelain displayed here.


Adjacent to imperial treasury there is miniature and portrait gallery displaying the old and precious Qurans, hand painted, handwritten bible, 37 portraits of different sultans and first world first map by the turkey. The other beautiful example of ottoman architecture is the liberary of sultan ahmed III consisting of around 3,500 manuscripts. Than the mosque of the agas, the oldest and largest mosque of the palace. The privy chamber, the most sacred relics of the Muslim world exhibiting the several sacred objects.After treasury the way lead to the harem, which is built on a hillside contain more than 400 rooms the hall of the ablution fountain also known as sofa with fountain, entrance hall into the harem. Than the courtyard of the sultan’ consorts and the concubines, privy chambers of Ahmed 1 and II. The imperial hall known as throne room is a dome hall in the harem is considered as a largest dome in the palace. In the hall stand sultan’s throne.


Than the courtyard of the favorites form the last section of the harem and overlooks a large pool and the boxwood garden. The fourth courtyard known as imperial sofa consists of a number of pavilions, gardens and terraces. First the circumcision room, its interior and exterior are decorated with a mixed collection of rare recycled tiles such as the blue tiles with flower motifs at the exterior. Baghdad kiosk situated right side of terrace, interior is an example of an ideal ottoman room with yellow and blue tiles. In the middle of this room is  a silver Mangal (charcoal stove), a present of king Louis XIV. Than the gilded Iftar kiosk regarded as moonlight seat offers  a view on the golden horn and is a magnet for the tourist for photo opportunities and Terrace kiosk the only wooden building in the innermost part of the palace. This palace is place of many secret and historical stories unknown to the world with providing panoramic view of sea of Marmara so visitors must visit to this palace to get to know the Islamic royalty. 

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