The Hidden Treasures of Santorini: Greece

The Hidden Treasures of Santorini: Greece

This tiny island, hidden away in the southern Aegean Sea, is a charming beauty to behold. Famous for its delicious food, stunning scenery, romantic sunsets, and gorgeous beaches, Santorini is one of those rare tourist locations that offers a completely unique experience to any traveller. Having a large number of exotic beaches such as the red beach, white beach, black beach and Monolithos beach, Santorini is an ideal tourist destination. This dramatic and exotic island is rich in history, architecture and arts. Located in the Cyclade group of islands, Santorini is well connected by sea and also boasts of having an airport located a few kilometres away from the village of Kamari.

Santorini is a rare location in Europe which has a hot, desert-like climate. First half of the year from April to October is warm and dry and the second half from November to March is cold and wet. This picturesque island with its white washed houses and churches with blue domes perched atop the island is a breath-taking view.


The Town of Fira

With its impeccable white washed houses sitting atop the cliff of Caldera, this is the main town of the Santorini island. It offers a terrific panoramic view of the city to the tourists. You could stroll through the beautiful shopping district of Fira and enjoy delicacies offered in the delightful bakeries in the town. You can also enjoy an adventurous Catamaran tour of the volcano and swim in the hot springs there. Visiting the beautiful beaches and the church for its historical art work is something you simply should not miss. A visit to the Old port by either the cable cars or by enjoying the amusing donkey rides, is extremely fun. You also get to cherish some beautiful pictures of the sea and the setting sun. Amongst other things to do in the city of Fira, you can enjoy a trip to the vineyards, a walk around the town, explore incredible photo opportunities, and try out the delicious local cuisine at many different restaurants.


The Kamari Village

This lovely seaside village Is not quite far away from the town of Fira. Its main attraction is the black sand and shingle beach where tourists love to sunbathe. One generally hires a rental to travel around town though it is not always needed. Other attractions include the outdoor cinema which is barely twenty minutes away from the beach and Alexander’s Restaurant. The Restaurant offers a high quality of food which is extremely delicious. There are also a number of taverns around the village which offer great drinks.


The Town of Oia (or La)

This beautiful and architectural town of Oia sits elegantly on the cliftop of the Caldera in the Santorini island. Famous for its stunning sunsets, the town of Oia is a major tourist attraction on the island. The town is characterised by its white and blue domes houses. Many of the houses are built directly into niches or cave like structures which means that the interior of the houses is usually larger than what the exterior suggests. You should also visit the ruined castle (or Fort Londsa) at Oia which offers an enchanting 360 degrees panoramic view. The Naval Maritime Museum at Oia is also worth a visit. Tourists are encouraged to explore the many alley ways for unique photo opportunities and views of the Caldera. This picturesque town has also been featured in many films such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1 and 2)


The Village of Akrotiri

Akrotiri was a Minoan Bronze Age settlement which was destroyed by the volcanic eruption in about 1627 BC. Hidden under debris and covered by layers of time, this site was only discoveres in 1967 once the excavations had begun. Similar to the site of Pompeii, the city of Akrotiri offers tourists an almost unique experience of this 1.2 hectares of well-preserved archaeological site. The debris has played an important role in protecting the many wall paintings and frescoes of the ancient times. Guided tours are also available at the archaeological site. This hauntingly beautiful tragic place has become quite the tourist attraction over the years. You can also head down to the red beach after a long day at the site, to enjoy some leisure time.


The Town of Pyrgos Kallistis

With just a few hundred people occupying this territory, the beautiful and picturesque town of Pyrgos is a village built on a hill that offers dynamic views in almost every direction. This amphitheatrically built village offers a beautiful panoramic view from the monastery. Hiking down the mountain to the Kemari village can lead you through the ancient Thira where you can still see some of the ancient architectural wonders standing tall.


The Vothonas Village

This eerie village is considered to architecturally be the strangest creation on the island of Santorini. It is believed that all the houses were cut out from the ravine that it was located on. The residents had built their homes in this fashion in the earlier days. In 1827 the church of St. Ann was built here. Its wooden screens has pictures from the Old Testament adorning it.

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