Of Sunrises and Honeymoons, Ikaria islands, Greece

Of Sunrises and Honeymoons, Ikaria islands, Greece

enjoyable splendid time for honeymoon couples

Ikaria beachesIkaria Island named after the person Icarus, the son of Daedalus according to the Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun and plunged directly into the sea in here. It is 40 km long but never more than 8 km wide to its area to be precise. Ikaria can be combined with Athens, Naxos, Paros and Samos.

Situated between Samos in the east and Paros in the west, Ikaria is a long and narrow island 21 miles in length and approximately between 3 and 5 miles wide. It is not that huge but as pretty as a picture. The coastline is tortuous, quiet and often dropping dramatically straight to the sea with most of the small villages clinging precariously to their footholds on the slopes and this becomes as one of the point to attract tourists especially honeymoon couples to enjoy this natural sight. There are rare and various facilities for the tourists for their stay as accommodation in an area where the terrain does not confront the local people or visitors with such problems.

lighthouse armenistis mykonos

The village of Armenistis is a small sea-side settlement in the northern part of Ikaria west of Evdilos and just past Gialiskari. The variety of the tourist facilities for the visitors and tourists facilities offered and the convenient and quick access through the port of Evdilos make Armenistis the suitable base. The large beaches of Gialiskari, Messakti and Livadi have fine sand and are surrounded with beautiful tall pine trees which stretch right down to the sea and almost up to Armenistis. The most picturesque location of the placement in harbor with its little boat jetty and the laid out nets ready for the fishermen’s’ next catch. The harbor area, with its marine and the tourism activities, the sunrises and fishing caciques, little sandy beaches, and the waterfront area lined with the small vendor shops, breath taking bars, coffee shops, restaurants all in one strength of a row for couples to hangout and spend some quality time together and spend much of their time for relaxation as well. The scenic splendor of the interior of the island is worth exploring and cherishing the moments.


Ikaria in Greece are the best Greek islands for nature lovers. It have wonder sight to explore and enjoy the beauty of it. Ikaria is also one of the 5 worldwide blue-zones-regions of longevity and health pleasure. Ikaria has something to offer for everyone such as remote and cosmopolitan endless beaches, accommodations which would suit all the choices and tastes of the tourists. The famous Ikaraian “panagiria” which is a feast day celebrations featuring into it with lovely music, extravagant dancing, delicious delicacies of food items and wine. Various other attractions of this beautiful island are archaeological and religious sites of interest. There are numerous winery tours occurrences and even language and cooking classes. Adventurous outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, biking, scuba diving into the beautiful beaches, sailing, yacht charter, jeep safaris in the dense jungles and forests, surfing and the list would go on and on for this place.


Ikaria Island is a peaceful destination for the lovely honeymoon couples to cherish their time of love in the dream island with the pleasant company of santorini sunsets. This island has little of tourism facility and is every very much tricky to reach out, but more of the difficulty more is the uniqueness to visit it. It offers the tourists with a great feast of food. It gives them a chance to have a village to village walking trail spree. The island has a vast stretch of thick forests and empty beaches which would be a splendid sight for the tourists and specially the honeymoon couples. All romance and no crowd and make their journey ‘a journey’ or it must be quoted as ‘a honeymoon to remember’.

  Ikaria Island is also known as the island of long lives and world’s longest living people due to its climatic conditions. There are radioactive hot springs which are believed to relive pain and cure skin ailments and joint problems of a human being for many living and travelling individuals to this magical island of life which will never dies. Over 150 types of wild greens grow on Ikaria that has more than ten times the level of antioxidants which is more than that of which red wine contains. So in all this island has a lot to offer to the tourists and especially for their honeymoon couples to explore the joyous beauty of the region and grow old with each other forever.


Nowhere screams passion between individuals and nature louder than the Greek Islands, although the present tourist places have an edge over killing the romance for the honeymoon couples with the tourist’s hoards on most of the island destination. But Ikaria is altogether of a different category to itself. However Greece’s best kept honeymoon secrets adventure arena. This island has to offer all the perks of other islands in the Greek archipelago, such as the stunning sunsets and pleasing romantic sunrises. Fantastic fascinating food and overwhelming love of the people around as well which attracts the tourists to visit the island more over again and again. It has become a sighted attraction due to its pleasant climate and undoubtedly beautiful unspoiled beaches and the holiday honeymoon couples will enjoy an uninterrupted private time on the same beaches.

Lastly to conclude, a well spent vacation in Ikaria will end up itself with profoundly relaxing time and almost therapeutic experience with all the sunrises and sunsets proving it to be a perfect destination for honeymoons as well.

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