San Francisco of Europe: Lisbon

San Francisco of Europe: Lisbon

Lisbon is the biggest city of Portugal and is the capital city of Portugal. The culture of the city is of contemporary nature and is marking its place in Europe. Lisbon is a city located on the edge of the great Atlantic Ocean. It is the western most city of Europe as it is located in the Iberian Peninsula on the ocean and Tagus River. It is a global city or international city because of the finance, economy, commerce, arts, entertainment and media, international trades, tourism and education in this city are simply great. It is the largest port on the Atlantic Coast in Europe. The place is also called the “White City” because of the buildings made of white bleached limestone which always amuses the travellers. It is also the city built on seven hills like Rome, Istanbul, San Francisco, Amman and Bergen.

The protector of the city: Cristo Rei


Also known as Christ the King is a statue of Jesus Christ and is a Catholic symbol, monument and shrine that represent the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus. This statue was built after taking inspiration from Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. The Cristo Rei was built in 1959 when Portugal was under the rule of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar. This monument has a pedestal of the shape of a trapezoidal which is 82 meters tall. The statue of the Christ is 28 meters tall. This statue was designed by Francisco Franco de Sousa. The pedestal has four arches which are oriented in the directions of compass rose.

Ride the Historic Tram


Trams were used in ancient times for traveling from one place to another. Till the late 1980, the Tram used to run on the rails all over the city. Some lines of these trams are still in operation in Lisbon. There are three functional lines of trams and one of them is Tram 28 which is the most popularly used rail line. Tram 28 goes from Graca to Alfama travelling from the “Old Town” and then it goes from Baixa to Bairro Alto travelling through Chiado. The trip through tram is hilly, hectic and a little noisy but the glimpses you find here are nowhere to be found in the city. The ride includes famous churches, monuments, various gardens, and gives you taste of the historic Lisbon. There are also Hop-On-Hop-Off trams which are also very popular.

Belem: World Heritage Site

belem tower

Belem is a collection of monuments and is recognized as the World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO. The most important one of the Belem monuments is the Belem Tower. Tourists are allowed to go to the top of this tower and climb on the floors of this tower. But the thing to be careful about here is the steepness and the narrowness of the spiral staircases that is used to access the floors and roof. The same stairs are used to descend and therefore, the stairs become more dangerous and unsafe. But the tower and its top are worth the risk.

The other significant part of Belem is the Jeronimous Monastery. It is also known as Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. This is a monastery which will make you love it the second you look at it. The outer designing and architecture of the building is very unique and very impressive. But it gets better when you enter the Monastery. The inside of this place has remains of very famous and world renowned Portuguese geniuses, the most notable of those being Vasco de Gama – the explorer. This building was built in the 1500s and since then, it stands as one of the most beautiful structures on the earth. There is a subway for the pedestrians between the monument and the monastery which is named as the Monument of the Discoveries. Also recommended places of Belem are the CCB which houses art exhibitions from collection of Berardo, the coach Museum and the Statue to Afonso de Albuquerque.

Experience royalty and visit the castle


Castelo de Sao Jorge, also known as the St. George’s Castle is the castle that is a millennium old but still one of the most visited spot for tourists. The Castle and its top will provide a view of the city that is unmatched and to accompany on the exploration of the castle will be the beautiful peacocks. There is a small museum with archaeological importance inside the castle. You will find picturesque landscapes with a neighborhood resembling a peaceful village when you cross the terraces down the hill.

Feel magnificent by visiting the Plaza


Praca do Comercio is one of the famous architectures of the city of Lisbon. It ia also known by the name ‘Terreiro da Paco’ which in English means ‘the Grounds of a Palace’. It is a magnificent and huge plaza having its face to the river making it a combined beautiful sight. The plaza begins at the downtown of Lisboa, Baixa. There is an Arco da Rua Augusta which further leads to the Rua Augusta of Baixa. This is the largest shopping centre in the city and is a fun place to visit.

There are many other places in the city including various museums and churches, some famous bridges, some historically important monuments and some master pieces as sculptures. The city is overall a great tourist place.

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