Rickshaw Capital of the World- Dhaka

Rickshaw Capital of the World- Dhaka

One of the most populates cities in the world, Dhaka is a city of much cultural heritage and historical importance. With a population of about 15 million people, it is the 8th largest city in the world in-terms of area and it is one of the most important cities in South Asia. With almost 4 Lakh rickshaws running in the city, that too on cycles, the city is known otherwise as the “Rickshaw capital of the world”. Speaking of the history of the city, this city is referred to as the capital of the Mughal Empire in the region of Bengal. This city was buzzing with traders of Muslim from across the Asian continent, as Dhaka was in the middle of Asia during the Mughal Rule. Apart from its rich cultural heritage, it also boasts of some of the most important structures such as the Lalbagh Fort and the Shaheed Minar to name a few. Being the government’s capital, this city is also of prime importance to trade as it is located near the port of Chittagong. Being one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the world, the city is now getting attention in the international circuit and is also getting economic importance in the business map. It is predicted that the introduction of the Elevated Expressway and also the Metro will induce major changes in the city as there has been a large inflow of people from all over Bangladesh into the city.


The climate of Dhaka is susceptible to a lot of monsoon rains and owing to the rains, there is flooding in the city which leads to a standstill on all parts of the city. The city is surrounded by other districts such as Tangail, Narayanganj, and Gazipur to name a few. Being located on the banks of River Buriganga, the city has a mostly tropical kind of climate. The kind of climatic condition that prevails in the city is known as Koppen climatic condition and the city is hot during summer and rains heavily during the monsoons. However, due to the rapid development of the city, the environmental conditions of the city is fast deteriorating and it is said that the regions’ biodiversity is being tampered.


The city of Dhaka has seen enormous improvement over the past few year. One of the main things that has been improved is the city parks and other facilities in the city. Some of the famous parks that are famous in the city are The National Botanical Garden, Shishu Park to name a few. There is also the Dhaka Zoo which is pretty famous with the local people and the tourists alike. The lakes in the city such as the Banani Lake, Hatirjheel-Begunbari Lake, Dhanmondi Lake are places of interest to people as well. Out of these, the Hatirjheel-Begunbari Lake has been transformed into a lighting miracle and the people of Dhaka enjoy this eye-catching site during the night time.


Education in Dhaka is well known for and people from all over Bangladesh come here to pursue their higher studies and also gain their degrees. The Dhaka City Corporation was induced in the year 1978 and there have been a lot of schools and colleges which were developed by it in the city of Dhaka. The city’s administration is divided into two now, for administrative convenience. The two main divisions of the Dhaka Administration now are, Dhaka City Corporation-North and Dhaka City Corporation-South. The main board of education here is maintained by the Dhaka Educational Board and there are two kinds of schools here, the English Public Schools and the old Madrassahs. It is also a known fact that the University of Dhaka was once s famous among from people from across the world that it was called the “Oxford of the East”.


The economy of Bangladesh is hugely dependant on that of Dhaka’s economy. Having a middle class economy, the city is mainly dependant on trade for its income. With a per capita income of around $1,300, the city is now aiming at improving this. As a matter of fact, the low per capita income is due to the fact that people from rural areas come to Dhaka with a meagre spending of about $5 per day.

Though the city has a very low per capita income, the cultural impact that the city pumps is still at large. There have been quite a large number of people from Dhaka who have attained fame all over their world, especially in the field of art and literature. Bullfights, Cockfights and other village type activities are still a common sight in the city despite its massive improvement and development, which reflects the people’s love for their cultural heritage. If you are out there in Dhaka, then the one thing that you should not miss for sure is the road side shopping and food. Some of the best tasting spicy food at the most affordable cost is available in these road side markets. The Old Dhaka part of the city is famous for these activities. However, a large number of other international restaurants and food chains have recently been induced into the city as well.


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