Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Movies, Cinema and everything related to them are one of the most important part of our lives. Every person has related their lives to the movies in some way or the other. The things we see make a definite impact on our lives. Especially, in India, movies are something every Indian relates to. The stars, scenes, dialogues and everything about a movie always leave an everlasting impression on the people in this diverse country. Sets, Studios, settings from the movies, famous destinations across the globe, this place has it, Ramoji Film City. The ultimate destination for every film-maker. From the Mughal gardens in Delhi to the Eiffel tower of Paris, everything is available here.

Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film city was built by the veteran producer Ramoji Rao with the association of Usha Kiran Studios in the year 1996. This Film City is spread over a huge area of over two thousand acres and provides everything you need to make a film. This place has been awarded as the largest film studio complex in the world by the Guiness World Records. This magic land has many picturesque avenues, make-believe sets and excellent film making equipment and infrastructure that it is the Film-maker’s Paradise. So many of the Indian movies have been shot here. Movies in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Bengali, English and many of the Television advertisements have been shot here.

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There are many attractions in the wonderland. Temples, Trains, Railway Stations, Airports, Hospitals, Jails, Police Stations to name a few are the notable sets available here. The City also offers tours for people to visit those places where their favorite stars have been to. There are exciting fun filled programs that are also arranged for the visitors.


This tour offers you a ride through the places where your famous actors have been to for shooting a particular scene or an entire movie. Includes many of the important and most needed locations for a film. Japanese garden, Bhagavatham Set, Moughal Gardens, Princess Street, North Town are one of the notable places in the city.

japanese garden

Japanese Garden sends you to Japan the very instant you enter them, the pagodas and the exact setting of a japanese park is available here.

bhagavata set

Bhagavatham Set is one of the most important sets for the Indian Cinema. All of the movies that are based on the Hindu Mythology, Epics and Legends use this set very extensively.

the gardens

The famous Moughal Gardens of Delhi is a place which is used for many dance sequences and also sends you to the royal age of the Mughals.


North Town has a typical setting of a North Indian City area or town area with all the specifics.

There are many live shows that are performed here. The opening and closing ceremony of the Ramoji Film City for the people visiting. One of the most famous live shows is the Wild West Stunt show which shows the actors enacting a typical Western Cowboy’ time Scene and thrilling you with an excellent performance. The Spirit of Ramoji is another sensational performance by the best dancers and artist who display the cultural diversity and grandeur of the country that is India. The Dome theater hosts shows for the people where magicians, jugglers perform and circus acts are performed. The special Movie Magic Park in the city walks you though the film world. The exciting attraction Ramoji Towers, which generates a simulated earthquake which sends a chill down the spines of every visitor and is believed to be a must visit in the city. The Action Studio, this is a place where a visitor can make his or her own movie. Dubbing, Editing and illusions, its all done by you with a little assistance from the Ramoji Film City’s Staff. 

ramoji carnival opening ceremony

The City also provides entertainment to the kids with a fun land called the Fundustan which has exciting rides, games and everything a child would like when he/she is out on a vacation. There are many packages and vacation plans available to visit the city. Excellent accommodation facilities are also available. The Hotels Tara, Sitara and Sahara offer all you need for a luxurious and comfortable stay. There are many restaurants around the city. Alampana, Dil Se, Gun-Smoke, Jimmy’s Drive in, Chanakya are the restaurants that offer an excellent multi-cuisine dining facilities that would surely win you over. The shopping lovers can also have a great time here with the wide varieties of souvenirs and items available here. Meena Bazaar’s Exquisite jewellery collection can be a treat which takes you back in time to experience the magnificence of the Mughals.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Man has always made his way through all the difficulties to make life suitable for him. One of the great minds that were put to work made this unique film land a reality. An experience for every movie buff that would last a lifetime is a sure shot when you visit this place. The Ramoji Film City gives you a unique opportunity to be in the shoes of your stars and experience the essentials of film-making. It is said that people walk in here with a script and can walk out with a movie. Everything that a movie needs is in here. A visit to this place would surely be enthralling and an experience that is definitely one of a kind.

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