Parque Central Complex, Caracas

Parque Central Complex, Caracas

This tall building is a commercial, housing and a cultural development developed by Siso & Shaw located in the center of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. The building is located right beside Paseo Vargase which is a public space located in the historic center of Caracas. The complex includes the twin towers which were completed in 1983, since completion the towers have become the face of architecture in Venezuela. Since 1979, the towers held the title for being the tallest building in Latin America. But the title was overtaken by Torre Mayor, Mexico City in the year 2003. As of 2014, Parque Central Complex is the third tallest building in Latin America, the second being Torre Mayor in Mexico City and the first being Gran Torre Santiago in Santiago, Chile. The total height of the tower, including the antennae is a staggering 861 feet. The building has 59 floors out of which 44 are used for residential purposes. The construction of the building started in the year 1970 but the residential buildings took just two years for their completion. The main architect of the complex is Daniel Fernández-Shaw, the developer is Centro Simón Bolívar and Siso & Fernández Shaw the main contractor. Since its completion the complex has been more than just a building and landmark for Caracas. It is not only used for commercial and housing purposes but also houses several cultural and government institutions.

About the Towers


The towers offer a great view for all visitors, by being inside the tower one can experience a panoramic view of the whole city and the mountains surrounding the city of Caracas. Even though the towers take their name from the green refuge situated right in the heart of Caracas’ urban jungle, the towers are situated in the midst of several office buildings. In the year 2006, the Central Park Station on Line 4 Metro de Caracas opened in the vicinity of the complex to provide aid to the requirements of public transport. A staggering fact about the Parque Central Complex being the third tallest building in latin America is that the second tallest building, Torre Mayor in Mexico City is just a fraction of a meter taller than the architectural landmark of Venezuela. The height of the east tower increases by a considerable 45.6 meters due to the presence of an antennae which represents the sword of Simon Bolivar. Thus, increasing the total height of the tower to 262.5 meters.

The Fire of 2004

In October 17, 2004 a fire broke out in the east tower of the complex which housed government offices. The fire laid its impact on all the floors from 34th to 50th floor. The non-working condition of automatic sprinklers and standpipe systems was a major cause which lead to a lot of damage by the fire. Quite a lot of damage occurred because of this fire, resulting in partial collapse of two steel decks. The fire burned itself out by October 19th.

Nearby Attractions

The towers in itself are a masterpiece of modern architecture and a place worth visiting for every tourist who visits the capital of Venezuela. But, apart from the Parque Central Complex, there are quite a few worthwhile and notable places which are situated nearby.

Teleferico Tramway

Teleferico Tramway

This tramway will take you from a height of 1000 m (the height of Caracas above sea level) to a staggering height of 2100 m at the top of Avila Hill, where you can have a wonderful sight of all the surroundings and do a bit of hiking.

Centro Commerical Millenium Mall

Centro Commerical Millenium Mall

The architecture and building style of this mall is sure to put you in a state of awe. The building of the mall does not have the usual cuboidal or tower like shape. The building surely stands out when it comes to architecture. The mall is a great destination for any tourist who wants to hang out and eat some great South American food or watch a movie.

Hacienda Floresta Park

Hacienda Florest Park

If you want to relax, sit around and experience some real good fresh air, this park is surely the best destination for you. The lovely park is a host for physical activities like yoga and pilates and also hosts Sunday concerts.

Caracas Mosque

The Caracas Mosque

The Mosque Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim or Caracas Mosque  is a beautiful mosque situated in the Recreo district of Caracas. The mosque is the second largest mosque in South America after the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The building of the mosque was designed by Zuhe Faye. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1993. The height of the minaret of the mosque is 113 meters and the mosque can accommodate around 3,500 people at a given point of time. The mosque surely makes a good place to visit when visiting the Parque Central Complex

Quinta De Anauco Museum

Quinta De Anauco Museum

The museum is quite stunning and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim that the museum is one of the finest museums in Venezuela which exhibits colonial art. The museum if fairly calm and would appear beautiful to any art lover.

Apart from the hustle and bustle of Caracas, there is a lot more to Caracas, and the Parque Central Complex along with its nearby attractions surely make Caracas a place worth visiting.

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