Open Air Museum: Luxor, Egypt

Open Air Museum: Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is often renowned as the “World’s greatest open air museum”. Wondering why it is so, it is because most of its architecture, the distinguishing features, the different perspective of the place lies in open or as to say uncovered.

Luxor meaning “palaces” is one of the favourite destinations or a place to visit once in a lifetime for all travel enthusiasts. Luxor boasts of its ancient history through much architecture and many places to visit. The places reflect ancient history of Luxor clearly and loudly.

Luxor, situated in Upper Egypt is home to world’s open air museum. With river Nile making its way into the city, it is primarily divided as East Bank and West Bank. Both the banks on the river Nile boast of their heritage via temples to tombs from Valley Of The Kings to Valley Of The Queens, from desert to river, i.e. encompassing all it could.

History: Luxor, Egypt

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Luxor, Egypt has a rich historical background giving it significance and the places of interest. Luxor has been the ancient capital of New Kingdom Egypt. It was a part of ancient city called Thebes, which was the capital of Egypt. It is also called the glorious city of God Amun-Re.

Places to Visit:

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For those who love to visit a cultural place and love architecture and design and is keen for the uniqueness then Luxor is the right place for them. It is advisable that as one plans to visit the place an official tour guide must be booked along belonging to the place for given conditions prevailing there.

There are numerous places to visit in this open air museum. The most famous being Temple Of Luxor, Karnak, Valley Of The Kings, Valley Of The Queens, Deir-el-Bahari, Luxor Museum, Medinet Habu, Colossi of Memnon, Deir-el-Medina, Ramesseum, Malkata, Temple Of Montu, Tombs Of The Nobles, Abu Haggag Mosque, Al-Qurn, Mummification Museum, Theban Necropolis and Percinct of Amun-Re.

Temple Of Luxor

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Luxor Temple is one of the very famous temples in Egypt and is still been used as a place of worship and to celebrate Egyptian festivals. King Amenhotep III built this temple. Luxor Temple, known as ipet resyt or the southern sanctuary is located on the East Bank alongside Karnak Temple. The temple was home to God Amun-Re and has been traditionally been a part of all cultural and religious activities taking place.

Temple Of Karnak


Temple Of Karnak, has been said to be build over thousand years, and is home to smaller shrines and temples. It is said to be an avenue of sphinxes (Mythical creature of ancient Egypt). The temple is said to be the largest home of God on Earth. The famous Frenchman who first deciphered it described the temple as “so vast and grandiose.” It is located on East Bank and is spread over quite a few miles with structures.

Valley Of the Kings

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Valley Of The Kings, located on West Bank is the tombs of the ancient ruler called as “pharaoh”. Valley Of The Kings has got tombs being numbered for different kings and their nobles. Tutankhamun tomb is one of the famous tombs in this valley of Kings. Being one of the most remarkable archaeological destinations, this place is awe inspiring for architects and historians.

Valley Of the Queens

Valley Of The Queens located along side Valley Of the Kings has tombs of Queens and their children.

Mummification Museum

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This museum intend to provide visitors o understand the art of mummification.

Ramesssum Temple

It is the funerary temple of Egyptian King Ramesses II who got this temple built when he was alive. It has the statue of King and Egyptian God.

Abu Haggag Mosque

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Abu Haggag Mosque is an ancient place of worship for the Egyptians. The mosque is famous for its religious connect to people living there. It has been built near to Luxor’s Temple but on a small area.

Luxor Museum

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Luxor Museum located centrally in the city is home to artifacts from ancient times. It is often said as a complement to visit to the temples here in Egypt.

Temple Of Montu(Medamund)


Temple Of Montu located northeast to Temple of Karnak is dedicated to God Monthu, to worship him.



Deir-el-Medina is home to the artists who built the tombs of kings from 18th to 20th centuries.

All the places mentioned above gives the visitor a deep insight into the history of Luxor.

With all these architectural and historical places to visit, visitors can also enjoy hot air balloon rides and a day in cruise on River Nile, Safari Rides and more. A person there can indulge in these activities and enjoy the local Egypt and its mood.

Having a sunny weather all around the year, this place is of great interest to archaeologists. People interested in excavations love to flock this place and often do so at various sites here.

Luxor, the ancient capital Of Egypt with its rich cultural, historical and architectural background is a place to be visited at least once. Though, visitors here must be careful and book their tours beforehand.

With spectacular architecture being displayed in World’s Open Air Museum, being called as “city of thousand doors” it provides the visitor a different experience to cherish it forever.

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