The Next Big Thing: Sea Orbiter

The Next Big Thing: Sea Orbiter

sea orbiter

Sea Orbiter is a huge research vessel which will be constructed under an ocean in France. Sea Orbiter is actually an ongoing construction project which will get completed soon. This is a special project as it will be the first under ocean station in the entire world. This Sea Orbiter will be a research centre for scientists and will also be used as a mobile research station also. The station which is set to be positioned under oceans will have lots of laboratories, living quarters and workshops for researchers. Even it will consist of a high pressurized deck which will be used to support large submarines and divers also. This project will be completed under the guidance of “Floating Oceanographic Laboratory”. The main heads of this project are Jacques Rougerie (an architect in France), Jean Loup Chretien (an astronaut) and Jacques Piccard (an oceanographer). The whole project will cost the organization an amount of $52.7 million approximately.

How the whole structure will look?


We can describe the whole structure as a craft which is semi-submersible in the ocean. It will weigh about 1000 tons. It will be 51 meters tall and will be submerged 31 meters below the ocean surface. It will be designed in such a way that it will float vertically and will also drift along the ocean currents. Two quite small propellers will be attached to change the trajectory and even maneuver of the structure if required. Some underwater robots will be utilized to explore the entire seabed under the ocean. The hull of the structure is made using an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, and will look almost 5 times thicker than the hull of a conventional vessel.

As the craft is vertically aligned, the above portion of the craft will be above the ground surface i.e. will be visible to the people on surface. The above part will be open and will have more laboratories and accommodation as to the lower submerged part. The organization wants to make a system to allow the divers to be in the submerged part for extended periods at greater depths which will be good for their research. They will do so by making the cabin pressure equivalent to the external-water pressure.

The motors are solar powered to enable the craft to move undersea without making any noise. Wind turbines are also available to provide extra power. The bottom part is of about 100 feet i.e. 100 feet under the sea level. As per the plan, there are 10 accommodation levels. Out of these six are under sea level and four are above the sea level. These ten accommodation levels constitute about 22 permanent residents.

Benefits to the People:


This marvelous structure is open also i.e. each person can own a small part of the Sea Orbiter if they want to. Sea Orbiter is definitely a thing for the new generations. It is opening a new era of Ocean journeying. It will be a grand chance for everyone to explore the underwater world, discover the undersea life and enhance your global knowledge especially about the ecosystem. Even explorers are allowed to live inside the Sea Orbiter for at least 24 hours to explore the heart of the ocean themselves. As the project is developed strongly for educational and scientific purposes, this huge vessel will be a communication platform for people as they can share their views about their journey inside the Sea Orbiter through pictures and videos.

A Trip to the Stunning Sea Orbiter:


Oceans are the hearts of our solar system. A one night under the sea in the Sea Orbiter will be like living in an underworld. The whole trip will be for sure unforgettable to the visitors. Your names can be encored into the Eye of the Sea Orbiter. People are allowed to stay in Sea Orbiter for two regular days on board along with an organ concert. The architecture of the Sea orbital is visionary and thus is build to draw attention of the sea species as well as the people. The see-through hulls will enable you to explore the sub-aquatic museums and other stuff to a large extent.

Future Scope:


Sea Orbiter will be indeed the 1st space station in the sea around the entire world. Sea Orbiter is definitely a centre which has vast potential for researches in every field, especially in the field of medicine, human sustenance, pharmacology, nutrition, marine molecules and renewable energies. The organization is providing a global social and economic model which is having a provision to provide solutions and innovations in the every field to the world. Sea Orbiter is focusing on the current projects going on and is also looking forward to research deeply about the life forms under water and even the lost civilizations. Sea Orbiter will definitely be the principal source of information regarding the marine life in Future.

This non-stop structure is going deep down to explore the life inside the sea. A chance to join them and see the underworld with our eyes is a big advantage. To unlock the hidden secrets of deep and dark blue sea, people should be a part of the journey of this floating huge aquatic vessel for once at least. One should run and grab this once in a life time opportunity as soon as they get a chance.

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