The Mesmerizing Ice Hotel: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The Mesmerizing Ice Hotel: Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Every year the small village of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, uses ice and snow to construct this miraculous Ice Hotel, straight out of a Fairy-tale. First sculpted in 1990 this Ice Hotel is the oldest one in the entire world and displays some of the most remarkable ice sculptures of all time. Tourists visiting the ice hotel will be astonished with its sheer beauty, and the amount of effort put into making this Ice hotel look as classy as it does today. The ice blocks used are generally taken from the nearby Torne river and artists from all over the world are invited to create different rooms and decorations from this blocks of ice. Sweden as a country offers many exclusive experiences and the Ice Hotel is one of the most unique ones that it has to offer. Everything in this hotel from bedrooms with beds to glasses at the bar and even the chapel is made entirely of ice. And this is what makes the Ice Hotel at Jukkarsjarvi so unique and enticing to thousands of tourists.

Ice hotel

Construction of the first Ice Hotel

In the year 1989 ice sculptors from all over the world were visiting this beautiful town of Jakkasjarvi in Sweden to create a mesmerizing exhibition of art work. One night, due to scarcity of rooms available in the town, the sculptors spent the night in their sleeping bags in an igloo. Technically speaking, they were the first guests of the ice hotel and since then every winter tourists visit the area to be able to spend time at the world’s first ice hotel. Spanning an area of about six thousand square metres, the Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel is also the largest ice hotel in the entire world.


The Hotel at Jukkasjarvi

Everything here is made out of a combination of ice and snow. Every spring the Ice hotel harvests huge quantities of ice and snow from the nearby Torne River and uses it to make this impeccable structure with numerous rooms for the people. While the ice is used for table tops and panels, and lovely ice glasses the snow is mainly used to strengthen the structure of the building. The ice hotel features a bar, a main hall, a reception area, rooms for over hundred visitors and an astonishing ice restaurant. Everything from the glasses at the bar to the beds and furniture in the rooms are sculpted out of ice. An interesting fact is that no two rooms are the same, each is uniquely carved and sculpted by expert artists from all over the world. While sleeping, you don’t have to worry about catching a cold as the beds are lined with reindeer fur and special equipment is given to every person to keep warm. Hot tubs and saunas are provided for visitors to the hotel which offer some much required warmth after spending the night in -5 degree Celsius environments.


The Church at Jukaskarvi

Like everything else, the beautiful Ice chapel where couples dream to get married is also a lovely ice structure. The local parish of Jukkasjarvi officially runs the Ice Church as a normal Church where every Christmas Day the Church is consecrated. During the enchanting and long winter period about a hundred and fifty couples are married and about twenty children are baptized. The beautiful chapel made of ice is one of those remarkable structures that makes one feel awed at the beautiful progress of mankind.

Ice bar

The Absolut Ice Bar (by Ice Hotel)

First set up in the year of 1994, the Absolut Ice Bar by Ice Hotel is an innovative new step in this ice sculpting hotel industry. Located near the lovely Torne river, the Absolut Ice Bar is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful piece of architecture. Just Like the Ice Hotel the Ice Bar is reborn every year with a unique new design. This Ice bar provides a once in a lifetime experience and one must surely not miss it. Drinking exotic and delicious drinks from ice glasses, dancing on snow made floors, and enjoying the well sculpted ice pillars and table tops of the bar. Also, this is an exciting and excellent new way to meet locals and people from all over the country, and during tourist season, even meet some people from a different corner of the world. What better way is there to make acquaintances and build friendships? The Absolut Ice Bar at Jukkasjarvi is a fine example of artistry by the many expert artists from around the world who renovate this place every year.


Other Attractions Offered

Spending time at the Ice Hotel isn’t just about the marvelous indoor structures and sculptures of ice. Like any other hotel, the Ice Hotel provides tourists with various exciting and engaging activities to participate in. Perhaps you could take the infamous guided northern lights tour or go moose watching or husky sledging or maybe you could try your hand at ice sculpting! You can also hire a snowmobile and roam around in the village or try some ice fishing. For those interested in space, the nearby Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, it is an excellent place to visit.

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