Merry in coastal Donostia, Spain

Merry in coastal Donostia, Spain

Some travel sites fulfil your hearts, some your mind, some memories are cherished, but there can only be a few places in the world which gives all these feeling at the same time. One of those destinations that gives you the ultimate satisfaction is definitely Donostia in Spain. This city is located in the coastal part of Spain and it is home to some of the best beaches, mouth-watering food and also the best of wines that one would find in the entire world. The city is also regarded as a coastal gem and being located in the French border, at the heart of Basque country and at the foot of Pyrenees, the place also has the second name of San Sebastian. Though Donostia is the official name given to the city, the name which is common among local people is San Sebastian.


The city has a rich history under its name and the various parts of the city are a proof for that. The main part of the city where the tourists concentrate is the Old Town. The Old Town is basically six square blocks long and it is lined with tall buildings which are as narrow as they are tall. This very fact helps in making sure that the street allows only commuters and not vehicles into the streets as it is a rare sight to see in modern metropolis these days. The shops are great to see and to buy as well as the rates in these shops are pretty nominal when compared to the shops in other tourist destinations as they simply tend to increase the rates as the tourists have no other go other than buying in their shops. The other features of these streets is the number of open tapas air bars that are available here. It is easy to sit down, enjoy some wine while shopping in these streets as this option is not available in many of the shopping streets across the world. The pensions here are great as well. They are large rooms with an open balcony which faces the outside streets. The view that these pensions offer is pretty amazing as well.


The old section of the city is a small peninsula, one must say and the best time to visit this place is off-season, say the locals. The views from the bay area are pretty amazing and the sail-boats and other sailing activities that occur in the sea are a pretty as they look like tiny dots in the vast expanse of the sea. Not only the sea, but also the small parks that are available across the city are serene and provide a private space for you to spend with your family and friends.

If you are looking to take a walk in the city, then the best place to visit would be Santiago de Compostela. The trek in the steep ancient footpath along the undeveloped rocky coastline is quite a sight. Though these coastal trails are tough to watch as the trails are extremely confusing to first-timers, it is always advice to take help from the locals who have a thorough knowledge about the place and the trails.


One of the foremost things that comes to our mind when the word Spanish is said is definitely food and drinks. There are a lot of Spanish tapas all round the world, but it is nothing like it when compared to the tapas that are found in the Basque Country. These are considered to be the best of the best and people who go to Donostia for the eateries are certainly rejoiced by it. The day to day activities in this town are carried out with a fine bottle of wine on the table and a wonderful conversation that follows it.


The public and private synergy of the city of San Sebastian has led to the mixture of culture and it has therefore made sure that people from various cultures are satisfied. This has also led to the city being announced as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2016. It shares this award with another city, Wroclaw, Poland. The city is pretty much famous for events that range from theatre to jazz, this city has got it all. The “jazzaldia”, as it is called is the San Sebastians’ annual festival for jazz. This jazz festival is the longest jazz festival that has been running for a really long time in Europe. The shows are held in different part of the city with different themes and some of the concerts even have free admission. Music enthusiasts from around the world gather here to listen to the amazing jazz music that is being played and enthral their soul with some of the best music.

Some of the other activities that take place in the city are mainly focussed on the beaches. The long coastline provide the best facility to do some fancy surfing and sailing, which is a pretty popular sport among the local lads as well. So, if you want to have some fun time with your loved ones, then San Sebastian is the place to be!

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