The Mediterranean Paradise: Antalya, Turkey

The Mediterranean Paradise: Antalya, Turkey


Wouldn’t you want to spend your holidays at a place which has 15 of the world’s top 100 hotels? A place which offers lot of waterfalls, caves and an endless beach with abundance of food and drink. It sounds like paradise and it is indeed a paradise of the Mediterranean, Antalya city, Turkey. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in history, Antalya’s coves and islands of unique beauty, comfortable hotels and marinas, colorful entertainment venues and art filled festivals make it a tourist destination that offers endless possibilities to its guests. Antalya is situated on a cliff in the southern part of Anatolia Peninsula, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sear. It is on the gulf bearing the same name. Agriculture, industry and tourism are the most important sectors in the economy of Antalya.


The climate in Antalya is typical. Summers are hot here and winters passes mild and rainy. Almost 300 days of the year are sunny and you can swim from April to November. Average sea temperature is 28 degrees and you should not forget to take your coat, umbrella and thick clothes if you have decided to go on holiday in Antalya in winter.

How to get here?


Antalya can be reached by highways from all parts of Turkey and the international airport provides easy access for domestic and foreign visitors. The International Antalya Airport is 13 km from the city centre and there are regular coach services to the city centre. Taxis are available and there is access for private cars.

Accommodation and Food


Antalya is considered one of the greatest destinations in the Mediterranean, with a great variety of tourist activities. It also has one of the world’s best stocks of accommodation. There are hundreds of five star hotels in the city including some super luxurious hotels. You will feel very special as Antalya embraces visitors in the comforts of luxury. If you like to keep you stay within budget and taste then there are options of holiday resorts, motels, lodging houses, apartments, boutique hotels and self catering bungalows which can be booked personally or online.

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Turkish food is famous all over the world. You can find all the cuisines of the world in Antalya hotels and restaurants but some of the special foods of the region are Sac Kavurma, Tandir Kebab, Kolle, Tomato cive and Hibes. The most famous drink of Turkey is tea. Turkish coffee is made by grinding the coffee grains coming from Yemen and Brazil. It is served by cooking with water and sugar with its bubbles. You can enjoy famous Antalya jams, black and green olive, salami, bread in breakfast and Kebab for lunch. The famous drink here with alcohol is raki. You can find every kind of alcoholic beverage in bars and restaurants of hotels.

The Attractions



When it comes to natural wonders then Antalya has a gem named Pamukkale. Also known as “Cotton Castle”, Pamukkale is an unreal little village that has come of the most spectacular turquoise water terraces you will ever lay eyes on. For thousands of years, people have come here to bath in the hot springs. What makes it so breathtaking is how the pools look against the white limestone mountains. You can get here by taking a plane or a bus to the city of Denizli.

Duden Waterfall

Duden Waterfalls in Antalya, Turkey

About 10 km from the beaches South East of Antalya, Duden waterfall gives a divine view to its visitors. Over here, the river Duden leaves a higher plateau of the Taurus Mountains by falling about 15 m deep and 20 m wide onto a lower plateau next to Antalya. From the entrance, you will be astonished by the vegetation and a coll air wave. It is a must see place in Antalya.

Antalya Museum


The Antalya Museum covers an area of 30000 square meters and consists of 14 main exhibition halls, open display galleries and a large garden containing some fine statues and other artifacts. It is among the leading museums of the world, on account of its sculpture works belonging to the Roman period especially from Perge and unique artifacts found during the rescue exactions of the museum. It is located on the Konyaalti Cad.

Yivli Minaret


Yivli Minaret is a historical mosque located in Kaleici along Cumhuriyet Street, next to Kalekapisi Square. The mosque was first built in 1230 and fully reconstructed for the second time in 1373. The minaret is 38 metres high, built on a square stone base with eight fluted sections and has 90 steps to the top. The minaret is decorated with dark blue tiles and it is a landmark and symbol of the city.

Konyaalti Beach


Konyaalti Beach is famous for it’s up market food court and spacious stretch of sand and is located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It sits in the heart of Antalya and a great holiday option for anyone who might be bored by the idea of lying on a beach towel for hours. Although the population swells during the weekend here, the beach seems to stretch on forever so you won’t have a problem claiming your own patch of sand.

Hidirlik Tower


Hidirlik Tower is a landmark tower of tawny stone where Old Antalya meets Karaalioglu Parki. It is a 14 meter high tower; set in a small park overlooks the cliffs of Antalya and Roman Harbor. This is a fine place to stop for a drink, a snack or a meal.

Antalya attracts millions of people with its beautiful nature and historical riches for visiting this city. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan a trip to this majestic city.

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